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  1. Does the movie really have a chance to increase on TFA's opening though? Rather than helping the opening to explode, I expect Carrie's death to soften the inevitable drop. Maybe something like $220M +/- $5M. I just can't wait for this movie and it's historic boxoffice numbers.
  2. I'm out Jedi 800/850/1650 JL 380/550/930 I hope TLJ can overcome a huge drop from TFA in overseas territories. I'm pretty optimistic it won't see a TPM - AotC decline on the domestic market, Luke and Leia will make sure of it.
  3. It's getting worse for Spidey down to 275k, that's just awful DM3 up to 650k on the 3rd trend (-24%, slightly worse drop than DM2, Minions even increased in its 2nd weeknd iirc)
  4. C'mon Disney, make it happen
  5. This movie can gross $700M and people are gonna say "meh, whatever, can't wait for Black Panther"
  6. Fiennes as Amon Göth might be my favourite acting performance ever. The way he portrayed this terrifying and psychotic mass murderer was extraordinary, shooting down jews while being bored of the "everydayness" in the nazi camp. It made me a fan of him.
  7. It's a huge drop from 2007's Spider Man 3 just kidding, awesome numbers for the movie, I might check it out
  8. It's gonna be interesting to find out whether WW will be able to achieve the biggest multiplier after opening with more than $100M (TFA's 3,777)
  9. Spiderman 5.186.528 / 5th best of the year Spiderman 2 3.291.034 / 10th Spiderman 3 3.204.588 / 8th TASM 1.546.632 / 16th TASM2 1.110.894 / 32th http://www.insidekino.de/index.html
  10. https://www.starwarsnewsnet.com/ So apparently Alden did the first step and told the producers that Lord & Miller weren't the right guys for the job, according to their sources
  11. If Simba doesn't sing Redbone in the new movie, I'm gonna be pissed!
  12. Major bumps for every movie with the Monday update, Sunday is said to make half of the weekends admissions alone! Pirates 475k Baywatch 445k Guardians 72,5k Aliens 70k Hanni & Nanni 55k

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