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  1. A Dr. Doom movie from the guy behind Fargo and Legion. Count me the hell in. After how wonderfully he handled the villain in Legions first season, this should be damn good.
  2. Dunkirk | NOLANNNNN!!!!

    Based Nolan has done it again. My God at the level of acclaim from these reviews. This and Valerian will make for a great double feature this weekend! And what a string of good to great movies it's been this summer.
  3. Maybe it's just me, but this post comes off as being a massive dick. Who gives a shit when exactly he posts his thoughts? Didn't realize there was a specific time you had to have your hot takes posted by.
  4. Which is exactly what anything involving the Infinity Stones should be. About time we see something of this scale, especially after the teasing of Thanos we've sporadically gotten. They need to nail him as a threat like never before and hurtling planets around is a damn good start.
  5. Those descriptions of what Thanos is going to do. LAWD! Cannot wait
  6. I cannot wait to see what Reeves does with Batman. Hearing him talking about a noir detective type of film makes me giddy as hell. He certainly has my trust after what he did with Dawn and now War. We could be getting the GOAT Batman movie.
  7. Probably should've worded that better. People who have seen the first two will certainly have a closer "connection" with Caesar coming into the movie and then everything that occurs in War. That's more of what I meant by that.
  8. Agreed. I really enjoyed Logan, Guardians 2 and loved Wonder Woman but of the "big" movies so far this year, Apes beats them all by a huge margin. To have a big budget movie do some of the things Apes is willing to do is such a fresh breath of air. Now I sincerely hope good word of mouth carries it to a good run.
  9. Back to back weeks of DOUR SRS BIZNESS movies? Don't know if general audiences will be able to recover from this. Where's the fun!?
  10. Spot on. Just like Wonder Woman and then Spidey last week. All hail Lord God King Deadline!!
  11. Eh, we can't all have good taste and think because Nolan has now done a WW2 movie, every other movie is just copying him.
  12. The movie is about two hours and ten minutes. Perfect length for any movie, especially the conclusion to a trilogy. Are attention spans getting so short that sitting still for a whopping two hours is too much now? Sad.

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