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  1. It really had an incredible performance in China. Avatar almost tripled the next highest grossing film in China at the time, and it was China's highest grossing film until 4 and a half years later (Transformers 4). Avatar alone was nearly 14% of China's total box office in 2010!
  2. It dropped about 58% from last weekend (currently rank #13), so probably around the $330-340K range. Its total is about $17 million now.
  3. According to members in the China forum, it doesn't even have a date yet so probably no release (if it hasn't been scheduled by now, it likely won't be). Japan for sure won't get a release date like every other DWA film since Madagascar 3.
  4. Japan usually follows South Korea rather closely in terms of what breaks out or flops, so this is not a good sign.
  5. I think the Japan opening guarantees BatB will finish #2 WW over F8, which is looking at a ceiling around $1.2B right now.
  6. Are Conan films usually very frontloaded? After such a huge opening to make only 6-7 billion yen seems unusual for a leggy market like Japan. Agree about BatB too. I think it definitely has a shot at being the highest grossing live action Disney film.
  7. So how many days will it take to hit $1 billion? TFA currently holds the record for fastest at 12 days.
  8. Given the political climate in the US, hard to say where the USD will be in 4 years. In any case, I think $3 billion WW is my optimistic prediction for now. If China explodes, I can see Avatar 2 beating the $2 billion OS record of Avatar even if exchange rates are still worse. The question is whether the sequels will see large drops like Star Wars films or will Avatar 5 end up being the biggest of the franchise.
  10. The Numbers has Brazil's gross up to April 20 as $15,929,238. EDIT: ScreenDaily's article has been corrected.
  11. Didn't Brazil open to about $13 million? No way it has $49 million already, which would be above F7's total after just 6 days!
  12. This needs to happen if we're ever going to see a $2+ billion overseas gross like Avatar's again.
  13. Someone here calculated that F6's OS-C gross would probably be closer to $400M with current exchange rates. Gitesh is predicting F8 to reach $900M WW by the end of the weekend, which would be about $420M OS-C at that point (DOM is looking to be around $160M and China $320M by end of weekend). I think it would have to drop like a rock at that point to only reach $475M OS-C by the end of its run.