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  1. Rodgers is just too good
  2. Good luck tonight @DAR hopefully it's a good game. Hoping the Giants keep these up and we make the playoffs.
  3. Well lions season is over
  4. Come on Dallas pull your starters that's the Lions only chance I think
  5. I really want to watch rebels now. Is their any way to stream it or is buying it my only option.
  6. 1.ESB-5/5 2.TFA-5/5 3.ANH-5/5 4. Rotj-5/5 5. ROTS-5/5 6. Rogue One-4.5/5 7. TPM-4/5 8. Aotc-4/5
  7. My showing was like 90% full which is good because that theatre is never busy
  8. It was awesome! That third act was great that ending Vader!
  9. I need my good star wars action game where I can wield a lightsaber battlefront doesn't count
  10. I went to the star wars marathon last year so all of them. I think the only one I hadn't seen before that in theaters was Jedi
  11. TPM has the pod race and Duel of the Fates making it infinitely better than AOTC.
  12. Sith is great the Anakin Obi-Wan Wan duels is one of the best.
  13. 58 hours for me going to do a star wars marathon tomorrow