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  1. Probably $ 100 - 120m OS debut? 22m so far without a lot of countries 80 - 100m friday - sunday... i guess Still thinking $ 575 - 625m total [hope it has good legs, the film is great and i think it can do really good with families]
  2. 91%with 32 Reviews 29 Positives - just 3 Negatives Even the average is good [7.7] I don't understand all the drama... seems really good to me,
  3. The embargo is end here in Brazil. I already read something like 20 reviews and watch 5 videos, and just 1 is not enthusiastic [and it's still a positive review, 3/5]. Most of reviews is saying the movie is good like the 1st one or better. I think the movie is safe, probably will have +80% on RT or even something close to 90% like the first one.
  4. I'm thinking $ 575 - 625m OS [with $ 375 - 425m DOM] $ 950m - 1.050b WW total
  5. The first one made almost $ 100m I just don't see this doing less... i predict more like $ 150m
  6. Well, the film doesn't have the hype of the 7th and the reviews don't help to change this, so i'm not surprised if not reach $ 100M
  7. Well, apparently the trailers only have scenes from the first 40 minutes and still don't give any information about the plot... so they trying to contain spoilers sounds right. And the embargo still end 12 days before the domestic release... in line with the most part of MCU [the exceptions are IM2 and CW], there's nothing to worry about because of that.
  8. 01) Avengers : Infinity War - 515M 02) Han Solo - 465M 03) Jurassic World II - 450M 04) The Incredibles II - 410M 05) Deadpool II - 400M 06) Black Panther - 335M 07) Mulan - 300M 08) How The Grinch Stole Christmas - 265M 09) Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them II - 250M 10) Aquaman - 240M 11) Dumbo /Ant-Man And The Wasp - 230M 12) Alita : Battle Angel - 210M 13) Gigantic - 205M 14) Mortal Engines - 200M 15) Ralph Breaks The Internet / Mission : Impossible VI - 180M 16) Mary Poppins Returns - 170M 17) Animated Spider Man / New Mutants 160M 18) Hotel Transylvania III - 150M 19) Ready Player One - 140M 20) Scooby Doo - 130M
  9. The monday before release tracking seems overpredicted, but the 3 weeks before is in line for Avengers, IM3, AOU and CW... so yeah, predicting 155 - 160M for GV2.
  10. I'm expecting around 150M
  11. I'm IN
  12. Ooooh, that's impossible hahah My bad
  13. It's not impossible, i think the movie will play less frontloaded than CW / Ultron and have midnight numbers way below those 2 and still do +150m because it will hold better on saturday / sunday
  14. About the question of the film is released in 3D or not... Billy Lynn's, Resident Evil 6 and Miss Peregrine from Fox itself have trailers without mention about 3D and they have 3D releases. This don't mean anything concrete!