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  1. Foreign sounds right, but Domestic it too much for me Thinking $ 115m debut and $ 305 - 310m total
  2. Exactly, some people care because Marvel fans is trying to prove SMH run is spectacular, but people trying to prove SMH run is meh is equally annoying.
  3. I always think Thor is a bigger franchise in overseas than Guardians and also more popular, that's why i think it could do $ 400 OS-China But you're right, is more probable to finish in $ 700 - 750m, and is perfectly good. Still hoping for $ 800m, but i'll be happy with that $ 700 - 750m range.
  4. China is stopping to grow, but is still much bigger than 2013. I can't see this doing less than $ 90m [i'm thinking $ 100 - 110m, not much bigger than Guardians 2]. Still hope for $ +500m, i really want $ 800m WW.
  5. I think it's almost impossible. I think Thor could make $ 300m. JL probably will make $ 400m.
  6. Agreed with domestic number, but i can see this doing more on Overseas. TDW made $ 383m OS-C , i think Ragnarok will match this [i'm thinking around $ 400m]. TDW made $ 55m in China, i think Ragnarok will double this. So, for me, this have a good shot in + $ 500m OS and + $ 800m WW.
  7. Even $ 900m is not impossible if China surprises us.
  8. Excellent drop for SMH. If the drops still be good like this for the next weeks, this still could finish with $ +330m
  9. I always think $ +100m for SMH but not that high, and i personally hate the SMH marketing, it's terrible and causes negative buzz multiple times [this is not happening with Ragnarok]. And i actually don't see the bad legs some people are saying about SMH, the 2nd weekend drop is high, but not out of this world. The drop this weekend is good for me. I think this will have a 2.6 - 2.7x, which is good. But for Thor, i just think it's almost impossible this movie grow less than $ 9m in the debut, even Guardians 2 not found these type of positive response. I could be wrong, but i can't see this happening. For now, i have a $ 115 - 120m debut and a $ 305 - 310m total.
  10. The Dark World made $ 91.3m in debut [adjusted] This will not gross less than $ 100m in the first weekend... the marketing is excellent, the hype is real, it will have Hulk and Strange to help, the movie probably will be great [hail Taika].

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