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  1. What happened with Planet of the Apes? People really liked the first two and this one is getting the best reviews of the lot and people really liked that too. Why is it failing like this?
  2. Just the Numbers

    Ah I see my complaints about the irrelevant posts and random gifs have now made way to something better, that's good. It'll be much easier reading this thread now. Deadline has POTA at $18.5 million...that's not good.
  3. Will this outgross Spider-man 3 worldwide?
  4. I never said the mods were idiots. You'd have realised that if you paid more attention to what I said as opposed to trying to be funny to get more people to like your comments. I said the moderation is bad because it lets these things happen. If another mod is saying the forum has gone to shit then that's a problem with the forum and not me. Now you're threatening my stay on the forum for pointing this out but the ones who again are rambling about racism, swearing and spamming gifs are just fine.
  5. Mojo wasn't perfect but it was one of the better forums I've known because people stayed on topic and the posts weren't relevant to the topic. I know that this isn't the same but the irrelevant posts outweigh the relevant ones in these threads. You come here to find the early numbers and estimates, you shouldn't have to wade through pages of gifs, random face images, the same tiresome jokes, people swearing and ranting and going on about being banned. This is why you're supposed to have mods in the first place.
  6. This isn't a home, it's a forum. This is a thread about weekend box office figures. You're a mod and you let people post Irrelevant gifs which they think are funny and let users ramble on about racism and people being "racist ass bitch asses". This is all just down to bad moderation that just let's this stuff happen now. It didn't happen on Mojo because the mods like Impact were able to keep the forum under control and on topic.
  7. You shouldn't be so cocky, if you're a mod then it should have been on you to not let this forum become such an embarrassment. This is how things are now merely because of bad moderation that would never have been allowed on Mojo. Even one of your fellow mods admitted the forum had gone to shit.
  8. Uhhhh...nothing...If there's nothing to talk about of relevance to the actual thread then nothing. It shouldn't be an excuse to come up with Irrelevant discussions and spam the topic with gifs. If I go on the thread for the Spider-man Homecoming overseas gross then the posts there are about just that and only that. It's not like a chatroom.
  9. People giving early box office estimates before they are available on Mojo. People discussing those numbers as they come in. You know kinda like what people did for years on Mojo? Not someone going on an Irrelevant rant about racism and posting silly gifs of women fighting and crying as if the place was Reddit.
  10. For good reason too. In a thread about the weekend box office I had to skip through pages and pages of stupid nonsense including gifs, rants and silly face pictures to actually find actual box office figures. If you're supposed to be a mod then why have you let this place go to shit?
  11. Man these boards went severely downhill from the old Box Office Mojo days didn't they? Mostly just a bunch of fools posting gifs rather than anything of value.
  12. Aw damn a movie you don't actually have to see is getting made? What a bummer.
  13. So is this passing $140 million domestically?
  14. The movie was good. It's definitely the best it worst Spider-man movie. I'd rank them as Spider-man 2 Spider-man Spider-man Homecoming Spider-man 2 The Amazing Spider-man 2 The Amazing Spider-man

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