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  1. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

    I saw this on opening weekend too, dunno why I'm posting the review so damn late lmao. But like I'm rushing atm so ima just post what i wrote in my notes on the ride home and ill edit it if I ever feel like doing so: - Had my ass cracking UP ! ain't no other spider-man movie made me laugh that hardt in the theater - BITCH WHEN ZENDHAHSHDHHSHDHDHDHD SAID SHE WAS MJ ANSFBJDHSF SHEZ GON BE MISS PARKER !!!!!!!!!!! SHEZ MISS MICHELLE JANE PARKER Y'ALL I KNEW IT !!! - LFMAODKSONEODNDO AT MISS AUNTIE MAE AT THE END TALMBOUT "WHAT THE F---" HAD THE WHOLE THEATER IN TEARS. HEARD LIL SISTER IN THE BACK TALMBOUT "WHAT SHE SAY?" +5 for tom's foine ass being shirtless nd all in his underwear nd what not - On me the only thing Marvel is deficient in is the people they hire to score their films. Like sis....... they haven't had a good scored film since Age of Ultron.... - Like... the score wasn't bad, and honestly it was actually pretty nice in some parts like the beginning and the end but that ENTIRE scene when Pete battles the Vulture, the score dragged like hell. Idk if it's jus me but it felt like the composer ain't know what to do during the scene nd decided to tell everyone to play a bunch of notes lmao. Took my ass right out of it. - Good acting all round. Bitch I love Zendaya. - BITCH lemme tell u somethin when my ass saw Spiderman with a BLACK GIRLFRIEND on the big screen ? whew sis I almost jumped out my seat, we've come a long way girlies ! good bye miss Gwen ! See u later miss Mary Jane ! Because it's Liz and Michelle's time !!!!! - Ned was funny and a cute character lmaoooo and I liked the part near the beginning when Peter didn't care what others thought about him when he hung out with Ned. - Bitch I missed me some Pepper Pots. BITCH I MISSED ME SOME PEPPER POTS. I MISSED HA! NOW ALL WE NEED IS A NATALIE PORTMAN CAMEO SOMEWHERE - Peter Parker got a bit annoying lmao during the middle. tom can really act because bc he really brought out his inner high school freshman/sophomore self. i mean sis he got annoyingggggg - So Tea Time girlies, idk tobey is still the best spidey but I think it's because we've had 3 films wit him. Andrew nd Tom are tied. - Sis I might have to give it 5 more points because that suit at the end?? Was the BEST design for a spidey suit I've ever seen. But I won't bc Pete thought it would be cute to decline that shit asfkndjdnd - Tony Stark....... is literally Edna from the incredibles lmaosjdienod hez out here designing everyone's suit, from spidey's costume, to cap's "new shield" to thor's "new belt" and NO CAPES ! - Bitch ain't no way they got Tom playin a 15 year old.... him bein younger than the other spidey actors meant that he looked closer to being 16-17 than the other spidey actors... not that y'all could lower his age in the movie... lmaooo sis 15 year olds do not look like tom - Decided it to be an 87 (B+) (really an 82 which is still good but y'all know why it went up lmao)
  2. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    nd while ur at it watch the get down too
  3. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

  4. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    happy fourth of july or whatever
  5. i need to know how big of a role Rihanna has in this in order for me to even consider watching it
  6. Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 (2017)

    I'm just gonna copy nd paste. 70% (C) - First one was way better. - Dumb but necessary for more characterization of the Guardians. - Gave the characters more depth and what not and I guess it was needed so the audience would feel something if one of them happens to die in Infinity War, but the movie itself was eh. - +5 for shirtless Chris Pratt. - I really liked the 3rd act. - Didn't like when Quill lost his powers and immortality, when we found out about his abilities he immediately became a very valuable asset in Infinity War, and now his supernatural abilities are gone. - Baby Groot was the cutest thing in the whole Galaxy!!!!!!!!!!!!! - these golden ass hoes need to step asideeeeeeeee with their "Adam", we already have Thanos to worry about lmao - score was alright, had some good parts, had some eh parts -felt like a side movie, one you can skip as it doesn't really affect the main storyline. we learn about Peter's powers and then he loses them, somebody not too important dies, and the team gains a few players. that's all, onto the next film. - I'll give it a 70 (really a 65 but u know ?)
  7. Wonder Woman (2017)

    I saw this on opening weekend so idk why I'm posting my review this late lmao, but ima give it an 89% (A-) so good job gorls ! Firstly lets talk about some cons: - why does miss queen of the DC universe keep losing ha shield? is there mythology behind it that it's always gonna appear to her in time of need or somethin? because sis..... that shit was mighty absent throughout lol - and sis what's the tea with that sword of hers? because miss Ares thought it was cute to destroy it and what not nd then like later wonder woman had it back, so how did that happen? - so um where was miss thing headed at the end of the film ? bc all I saw was a boat and ha ass jumping off the roof..... like sis what's good? And now onto the pros !!!!!!: - ICONIC how miss Diana Prince didn't need ha sword to beat Ares! She tore that ass up with the WHIP ! Go off miss thing ! - BITCH +10 for that Chris Pine scene, he was butt ass naked in the movie nd I was 110% HERE FOR IT !!!!! (i can't believe joss whedon's dumb ass was gon have the scene switched around nd have miss queen change in front of Steve. boy bye) - oh, and all of a sudden i have a new crush on chris pine damn all these chrises lmaosjdienod we got Mr. Evans (my mans), Mr. Hemsworth (my sugar daddy), Mr. Pratt (my boo thang), and now Mr. Pine (my three night stand). anyways BACK to wonder woman - GORL I loved miss gadot, sista gorl can act nd I felt everything she was feelin too (and also men ain't shit) - I liked the lil crew wonder woman had, they were cute characters nd what not and I guess miss jenkins did what she could with them in so little time - i loved miss Etta Candy nd I know it's unlikely but i'd love to see ha ass in a sequel lmao And like other comments I had (i'm literally just pasting from the notes I took on the ride home lol): - some parts of the movie reminded me of Captain America lmao idk - .....i was lowkey waitin on a "Wonder Woman will return for the Justice League" at the end or somethin But yeah, overall, I would give the film a 79% but bc of that Chris scene it's gon be an 89%.
  8. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    good mornting everybody Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a good ass movie nd I rooted for the apes the Whole ass time
  9. 95M OW and if it's good, 305M finish if it's bad, 248M finish iono what it's gon make WW
  10. yay @ jennifer lawrence still being an action heroine in the two thousand and eighth of teen !
  11. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MANS CHRIS EVANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! henny 36 never looked so good https://www.tumblr.com/video/tlffanypollard/157082329172/500/
  12. Black Panther is going to slay 2018. We gon serve looks & act a fool at the cinema on release day. Marvel knew
  14. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    nevermind lmaofndsfjsadfo

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