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  1. Honestly, Cena's not that bad of a v.a., but I don't know if he works for THIS character. But I guess it's safe to say that... nobody will see this. That wasn't a pun, btw. This thing is going against The Last Jedi and it doesn't have the Illumination marketing machine behind it. (And even Sing had the advantage of RO being a spin-off not an episodic film)
  2. Yeah, I wonder that too. I felt like the avalanche of 300M+ hits kinda struck last year's Summer, but that also had the disadvantage of a ton of sequels and stuff no one's asked for. But yeah, this year's Summer isn't exactly looking world ending. Though July could be fun.... or a bloodbath.
  3. In correlation w/the record of most 100M in a full year. Some folks were making the point that 2013 had less 100M movies in the 1st four movies than year A, and that would raise the question of wheater or not year A was the actual 100M in a full year record holder, to which, that's a no.
  4. @Gokira2012 Mistook Home for Pets, whose tracking at this distance was wayyyy bigger... still, it should perform similar to Home, given how both opened in late March against strong older audience competition anyway (with or without BATB, since they can co-exist fine). Anyway....
  5. SPOILER-Man: Homecoming. Sony, just stick to video games and electronics. You're doing great there.
  6. Most in a full year. 2013 has more than either of those. Even if Passengers is fudged to 100M, 2016 will still have less. 2017 has the biggest chance of breaking the record in a long time, though.
  7. Boss Baby is tracking very similarly to Trolls and Home. Granted, it seems to have much lesser wom from people who've seen it than those two (Home was mixed but still), but ultimately, it's going in their line. Those hit 40M+. So, don't be shocked if BB reaches 40M as well.
  8. To be fair, I wouldn't necessarily call PR a "come down" as much as a "calm after the storm". After all, PR still outdid some, if not most, of the expectations surrounding it, and became the 7th 40M+ opener of 2017 so far (SEVENTH! And we're not even done w/March yet!!!). Regardless of GITS being the one stain in the month's mark (and even then, Boss Baby will still be here to help the weekend out), this has been a ridiculously fun month. One for the history books, that's for sure. March has been the "Summeriest" month in a loooooong time, and it was glorious.
  9. I absolutely read, from you, a post on this weekend's thread about PR doing 40M this coming FriSatSun. Maybe you took that back, but I vividly remember that. Btw, 32 is still lunacy. PR isn't dropping less than 50%. If it does, I will watch Fant4stic in a 24 hour loop.
  10. Dude, Power Rangers is not going to do 40M 2nd weekend, not now, not in this world, EVER. Thinking that it'll break everything else the way you do in its path is ridiculous. GITS or Boss Baby may not do all that great, but PR ain't the reason why.
  11. Someone is a little too insecure. Sure as hell ain't me.
  12. Good #s for Power Rangers. at Life not over 1M, was really hoping for it.... dammit, in between the 30M budget that I banked 100% on only before it rose to 58M, and now this, the BO Gods really don't want my deal in the Fantasy BO game to go over well.
  13. Haven't seen the BVS UE, but the theatrical cut of BVS is in only a few ways better than CW (the cinematography and the score are far better and more memorable). Otherwise, CW wins, hands down. What really stands out to me as to explaining why one's better than the other is that BVS TC fails in giving anyone credible motivations to do what they do (besides Batman), while in Civil War, save for a few characters, everyone's motivations are made crystal clear (regardless of the shoehorning of some people). CW sets up its conflict by making you feel empathy for the points that each side offers, while in BVS, you're just stuck w/questioning what even is Lex Luthor, or why is Superman going after Batman for being a vigilante if he is one himself every bit as much. But yeah, those are my two cents on it.
  14. Niiiice for BATB. Though not surprising, since there's a lot of Portugal love for original Disney classics. Lion King and Little Mermaid are adored by almost everyone I know. They're gonna blow the fuck up. But God, that bit of news on PR is just.... ugh. I thought it was gonna do blockbuster numbers here. Power Rangers was a staple in the childhood of my entire generation (here in Portugal at least).