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  1. It's still gonna do more money than The Emoji Movie or Atomic Blonde, though. On a happier note, if Baby Driver hits closer to Bad Moms than, say, Sausage Party or The Magnificent Seven, and goes 30-40% of a drop this weekend, 100M is almost a done deal
  2. Fair enough. I was just kinda hoping for the lesser of two evils to prevail, as at least AB has one of the best actresses in the world kicking ass in an original action movie (and God knows we need more original stuff to be successful, because not every film gets to swing for the home run like Baby Driver... though this one ain't gonna be it if it ain't that good). Can we at least agree that Dunkirk is gonna be #1 again?
  3. Box Office Casino

    I'll take the Hitman's Bodyguard bet. And I will bet 75 points to 2 people that Dunkirk is #1 this weekend.
  4. As horrible as it looks, no way it makes less money than fucking Risen. Out.
  5. YIKES if Emoji barely makes it past 20M and Atomic Blonde stalls at the 14/15M range made by the original John Wick. But at least that pretty much guarantees Dunkirk stays at #1, I presume.
  6. Someone start building a golden statue for Tele cause he deserves it. We are witnessing one of the greatest box office runs IN HISTORY, ladies and gentlemen.
  7. Off the top of my head, Age Of Ultron is the only movie I remember seeing in the last few years that needed some more runtime to flesh out certain aspects of the film way better. That's literally it.
  8. Wait, is there anything wrong w/a shorter runtime now? It's not like this is Infinity War where it needs to be close to 3 hours long, this is Thor 3 for fuck's sake
  9. Is it really that crazy to think that Aquaman will get the same "character that stole the show in a big team up movie got massive exposure and excitement for his own movie" that probably helped Wonder Woman (who, at the end of the day, regardless of the opinion on BVS, was concieved to be the most universally well regarded thing about that movie?) and Spider-Man (....didn't help it too much, but I guess telling people that this Spider-Man shared the screen w/Tony Stark helped push the opening weekend far above the ASM films)? I'm not saying it's gonna do Deadpool, Guardians or Wonder Woman money, but considering that it has no line of fire in competition as far as holidays of 2018 go (Mary Poppins is a very different movie in tone and audience, and Han Solo is still pegged for Memorial Day next year), it could break out. Also, Jason Momoa is pretty popular, and James Wan is a draw director. So I don't find a big Aquaman breakout inconcievable at all (especially if it looks good in the marketing). Dude, you need to find something for your life. Because if the point in your existance is to do nothing but come out here and troll WB, then... reconsider your purpose.
  10. Cars 3 and Baywatch did more than Dunkirk? That's just sad to see. Yeah, let's just move to Canada. There's a lot of Tuga people there, the locals are the nicest people on the planet, and it's always breezy (which is preferrable to suffocating heat like the one we have here).
  11. People giving Titanic high ranks and all? Well... Titanic ain't even in Cameron's Top 5 imo As a matter of fact, CAMERON RANKED: Terminator 2 A+ (best action movie ever) Aliens A+ The Terminator A (doesn't get an A+ because the Sarah/Reese romance was a little too cheesy imo) True Lies A- The Abyss B+ (I know it's a little messy, but I still really like it) Titanic B-/C+ Avatar C+/C

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