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  1. I actually agree with BKB. Meg could surprise. 42 metters down is gonna end up being a nice hit. there's interest in shark movies
  2. i think it will surprise a la Baby driver. people thought that one will only appeal to Wright fans too.
  3. I think Logan lucky will annihilate this. even tho this has more general public appeal. we shall see...RR needs a hit outside of Deadpool
  4. Reviews will be good, no doubt. all marvel movies get great reviews.... the Marvel style of film making appeals to critics
  5. eh i was expecting glowing reviews. some directors get them even if their work is not that good. looking at RT there's a disconnect between critics and the public. I mean did anyone like Haywire? Not the public it seems, but it still got great reviews. or Magic Mike. also critics are dying with anticipation because he "came back from retirement" Not saying the movie is not good, i have not seen it, just saying...from the trailer it looks extremely stupid. but i guess i don't get it
  6. I really don't think so. i sense a disappointment. 150M at best...and i'm being generous because of the director
  7. This and A wrinkle in time i feel will be big disappointments. altho its never wise to bet against Spielberg...
  8. I feel like this may be too niche. i haven't watched the movie this is based on. it has a cult following, but does it have mainstream recognition? i think its famous only on one corner of the internet. OUT
  9. was the whole movie filmed in the studio? where are the outside locations? it just looks so fake because of this. and all the action takes place at night. ugh

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