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  1. I doubt North Korea allows any Hollywood movies whatsoever, and since the article referred to "major markets" it's safe to assume that they meant South Korea.
  2. Batman Forever for me. Some in here are literally, kids. Or maybe we are old farts.
  3. The Japanese are (totally predictably for me) quite fond of Scar-Jo playing Major and think that she is quite ideal for the role. Like I said before, this "whitewashing" BS is a stupid-white-liberal neurosis and nothing else.
  4. I will take this as a good sign. It means that Alien: Covenant will be seriously graphic. Then again, it will be bad for its BO.
  5. DaVinci is a treasure of this forum. Do. Never. Ever. Ban! Edit: @drdungbeetle Almost everything held exceedingly well during this weekend. Lack of serious new openers helped the entire field immensely.
  6. This may not be that great, but I will always be a sucker for Alien movies. I'm there opening night no matter what!
  7. These are the adjusted for inflation domestic grosses for the FF franchise: 1. $199m 2. $168m 3. $76m 4. $176m 5. $227m 6. $250m 7. $363m F8 will not only fall below F7 & F6, but also below F5 if inflation is taken into account.
  8. The massive boost from China in the last 2 years or so, has largely masked the negative effect of the rising USD during the same period. Devalue the USD! Make Hollywood Great Again!
  9. Told'ya F8 is coming below F6. I'll take that as a positive.
  10. The original GOTG was also awesome. Outside those 3 great movies, the MCU is consistently adequate and not much more. Edit: To be honest, Iron Man 3, AOU, TWS were more than adequate. But it's a huge success for the MCU that virtually not a single one of their 14 movies was bad. Not an easy task.
  11. Civil War didn't do it for me either. One of the most overrated SH movies for some time. As for upcoming SH movies, GOTG2 is not looking that great either (too much Baby-Groot-mongering) Spidey and Thor 3 look awesome though. Wonder Woman will probably underwhelm while Justice League has a hill to climb. By the looks of the trailer, it seemed like a CGI-fest (in the negative sense) with lots of unnecessary humor thrown into the mix to make it more MCU-esque. I would much rather have the DCEU remain more solemn. @The Futurist Wait until you see soccer fans engage in that sh*t. It's like the worse you have seen until today, times 1000.
  12. Quite underwhelming trailer for my money. But trailers usually don't mean much. I wanted more Kylo and where was BDT's character?
  13. Maybe. My guess is that F8 won't crack $220M DOM.
  14. Even *if* F8 makes $230M (which I highly doubt) this would mark a 35% decline from F7. AOU declined by 26.5% vis-a-vis the original Avengers movie.
  15. Avengers 2 OW was only 8% smaller than Avengers 1. F8 is 33% smaller than F7 in terms of domestic OW.