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  1. China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    That chart is a bunch of nonsense though. It doesn't take re-releases into proper consideration and applies average ticket-prices to all movies regardless of whether that makes sense or not. E.g. Avatar and to a lesser extend TFA are rated way too high as their average ticket-price was much higher than the norm. In the case of Avatar due to an absurdly high 3D percentage, in the case of TFA due to a mix of 3D, IMAX and all that stuff. In general, trying to find out the number of admissions in territories that didn't use to count admissions doesn't lead to proper charts. At the very best you end up with very loose numbers that are rough guidelines at best. Not that this changes anything about how huge Wolf Warriors 2 is.
  2. I think the German market share will look much better by the end of the year. So far the biggest German movie has been Bibi & Tina 3, which had about 1.6m admissions, followed by a bunch of movies in the 700k range. With Bullyparade and Fack ju Göhte 3, there are two movies that should easily combine for 8-10 million. Not to mention that Das Pubertier, Ostwind 3 and Grießnockerlaffäre are all part of the second half as well, with the first two currently being in 3rd and 4th place among German movies, with Grießnockerlaffäre quickly catching up as well. In other words, the first half only had three German movies topping 500k, the second half should have at least six, with far more high-end potential as well.
  3. I'm surprised there has been so little marketing for it. One 1 minute teaser two months prior to release is not a whole lot. Apparently the the teaser worked well at the 'Kölner Filmmesse', and Mark G is openly wondering whether the movie might hit the 7m mark again. I wouldn't say that it is impossible, after all, the second one beat out the first, though with this little marketing so far I wouldn't want to make a bet in either direction. I wouldn't be so sure of TLJ winning the year yet, at least not in terms of admissions. In Euro it should be a landslide. You'd have to check US-sources for that. We don't even have the current Euro-number. Going by the admissions, and taking the admissions-to-Euro ratio from the last known number, it should be somewhere around $11.3m or so, maybe a bit less.
  4. Weekend estimates: #1 DM3 225k (+5%) #2 Apes3 157.5k (-27% / -33% with previews) #3 Grießnockerlaffäre 145k (+13% / +8% with previews) #4 Ostwind 3 142.5k (+7%) #5 Dark Tower 137.5k #6 Emoji 120k (+4%) #7 Dunkirk 92.5k (-17%) #8 Valerian 85k (-23%) #9 Das Pubertier 67.5k (+4%) #10 Baby Driver 52.5k (-9%) #11 Spiderman 37.5k (-23%)
  5. Second trend is up, with increases for DM3, PotA and Grießnockerlaffäre: #1 DM3 275k #2 Planet of the Apes 160k #3 Ostwind 3 150k #4 Emoji 150k #5 Grießnockerlaffäre 150k #6 The Dark Tower 150k #7 Dunkirk 100k #8 Valerian 90k #9 Das Pubertier 75k #10 Baby Driver 55k #11 Spiderman 40k
  6. Mark G tweets that Grießnockerlaffäre had 134k if you count previews, so it is definately ahead of Emoji and depending on how you count could even be considered ahead of Ostwind 3.
  7. Quite a lot of movement for the weekend estimates, movies switching places all over the top 10: #1 Planet of the Apes 215k / 235k with previews #2 DM3 207.5k (-35%) #3 Ostwind 3 132.5k (-41%) #4 Emoji 115k / 130k with previews #5 Grießnockerlaffäre 120k (#4 without previews) #6/#7 Dunkirk 110k (-45%) #6/#7 Valerian 110k (-36%) #8 Baby Driver 60k (-35%/ -51%) #9 Das Pubertier 57.5k (-23%) #10 Spiderman 50k (-51%)
  8. 2nd trend is up: #1 DM3 240k #2 Planet of the Apes 225k #3 Emoji 175k #4 Ostwind 3 125k #5 Dunkirk 125k #6 Valerian 125k #7 Grießnockerlaffäre 100k #8 Das Pubertier 65k #9 Baby Driver 60k #10 Spiderman 50k POTC wasn't mentioned, will have to wait until after the weekend to see how it did
  9. Not mentioned yet. The first trend usually just reports the top movies, plus some smaller starts. The following trends on Saturday and Sunday should list more movies.
  10. First trend is up at insidekino: #1/#2 DM3 250k #1/#2 Planet of the Apes 250k #3 Emoji 175k #4 Ostwind 3 150k #5 Dunkirk 125k #6 Valerian 120k #7 Grießnockerlaffäre 100k
  11. Well, define fans... There are probably a lot of people who have seen all movies yet wouldn't consider themselves Harry Potter fans. Especially now that the movies have already been out for years. There is a difference after all, between rushing out to see it opening weekend, seeing it sometime later or catching it on tv someday. You don't need to be a huge fan to do any of the latter. You'd probably need to find the movies entertaining to watch all eight (or nine if you count Fantastic Beasts), or do it as a favour to someone, but being a fan isn't really required.
  12. I'm not sure what all that panic is about, movies switch writers all the time. Without any knowledge whether this is a complete rewrite or just some polishing, it is moot to be bothered by this. They are still months away from shooting the movie. Most Star Wars movies had an additional writer going over the script. A New Hope had William Huyck and Gloria Katz help Lucas in a limited way, Empire strikes Back started off with Leigh Brackett, then Lucas wrote a few drafts before Kasdan got to polish it. Return of the Jedi was written by Lucas before Kasdan again took over. Attack of the Clones saw Jonathan Hales help out on the final script. The Force Awakens had Arndt, Kasdan and Abrams, Rogue One had Whitta, Weitz and Gilroy.
  13. Whether you liked somebody or not is kind of irrelevant when it comes to who is part of the main cast or not. Han, Luke and Leia were the three main characters of the original trilogy, all of which had their fans. Two of them are in the next movie, with screentime that is probably not less than what the three combined for in the last one. As such, it isn't really true to claim that they "killed off the original cast". Mark Hamill might not quite have the same screen presence as Harrison Ford does, but that doesn't change the fact that Luke Skywalker is one of the most famous characters in movie-history.
  14. Did you mean 300k instead of 3m or is that a "it would be 3m if prorated to the size of Germany"? Because I have read about those two passing the 300k blockbuster mark in Austria, but they obviously haven't topped the 3m mark in either Austria or Germany It seems rather odd that they would count a weekend that belonged entirely to July towards August. I don't even see a point in it, all it does is cut July down to 4 weekends while upping August to 5 for no good reason whatsoever. It would have made some sense if the weekend had been split between the months, but that clearly isn't the case here.
  15. Monday estimates for the weekend are up: #1 DM3 315k #2 Ostwind 3 225k #3 Dunkirk 200k #4 Valerian 170k #5 Baby Driver 115k #6 Spiderman 100k #7 Das Pubertier 75k Some further drops from the third trend, most noticeably DM3, down from 350k to 315k.

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