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  1. I don't think there is much of a chance for that. FF7 "only" made 1.163b or so, and FF8 is doing worse than that movie in most of the markets. With China not changing much from the last one, there is little chance of keeping the same level, much less improving on it.
  2. Third trend is in, pretty much everything seems to be down: #1 FF8 550k #2 Boss Baby 225k #3 Smurfs 190k #4 BatB 160k #5 Conni & Co 2 90k #6 Going in Style 80k #7 The Bye Bye Man 47.5k #8 GitS 42.5k everything else below 40k
  3. 2nd trend by insidekino: #1 FF8 575k #2 Boss Baby 260k #3 Smurfs 3 220k #4 BatB 180k #5 Conni & Co 2 105k #6 Going in Style 80k #7 The Bye Bye Man 50k #8 GitS 45k everything else at 35k or lower
  4. First trend by insidekino: #1 FF8 575k #2 Boss Baby 260k #3 Smurfs 220k #4 BatB 175k #5 Conni % Co 2 110k FF8 would be down by almost exactly 50%, not counting previews. It would stand at 2.4m admissions, FF7 was at 2.97m at the same point.
  5. Both FF8 and BatB seem very close to 10 Euro per admission so far, so multiplying the total by ten should work out as a rough guideline. After last weekend, BatB had 2.371m admission and made 23.486m Euro FF8, meanwhile, had 1.33m admissions in its first five days, while making ~12.75m Euro If the average prices would stay that way, and if both would reach around 3.5m admissions, BatB should end up slightly ahead. The obvious number would then be 35m Euro.
  6. Sounds like FF8 is at 1.55m after Monday, so about 200k on that day. FF7 had 1.9m admissions during its first week, plus not quite 300k from the Wednesday before that, for a total of 2.19m after eight days and a final result of ~4.2m. No idea how large Tuesday and Wednesday will be, but if those two days would combine for 200-250k, then FF8 would end its first week with around 1.55-1.6m, with an eight day total 1.75-1.8m. Looks like it might be rather close between FF8 and BatB when it comes to the total. Maybe somewhere around 3.5m admissions for both.
  7. There is nothing crappy about the marketing, nor did anyone "get the tone wrong". The friggin teaser doesn't tell you the tone of the movie. They wanted to focus this one on Luke, because he was the main character that was all but left out of the last movie. That's it. There is nothing more to it. Anything else can be handled by the trailers and tv-spots that will follow in the distant future. There wasn't even a hint of the tone of TFA in its first or second teaser, but none of that somehow made any part of the marketing campaign in any way "crappy" either. It also couldn't be less relevant that Thor 3 supposedly had more trailer views. That movie will be an afterthought of this box office year, even if it improves further over the last one. Fifty Shades Darker is proof enough that the claimed viewing numbers of the trailers mean next to nothing for the final result.
  8. I still don't understand why anyone would wonder where the new characters were. There was just a quick glance at Rey, Poe, Finn, BB-8 and the back of Kylo Ren in the first teaser for TFA. There was no text by any of them, only some words by Snoke. None of their appearances were any different than the ones in this teaser. None of the other new characters appeared in the first TFA teaser either, nor did any of the old. The second one was very much the same, instead of one shot, there were three or four quick shots of Rey and Finn, but everything else was still the same, just with Han's line at the end. Quite a few new characters were only seen for a split-second or not at all. The only time there was more than just a quick glimpse at any character was in the final trailer. Sounds more likely people compare the overall trailer history of TFA to the very first teaser of TLJ, which would be an odd comparison to make.
  9. I don't think that is necessarily the case. It certainly wasn't for TFA, BatB or 50 Shades Darker. All had significantly higher viewing numbers for their main trailer than for their first teaser. Not that viewing numbers for trailer are measured in any proper fashion. The numbers are all over the place, and in many cases they don't seem to make any sense at all. It almost feels like there is something that artificially drives up viewing counts on some platforms. Not that trailer-views say much at all about the eventual success the movie will have anyway.
  10. Was he on the the TLJ-panel? I don't remember him being there, only for the 40 years of Star Wars one. The guest on the movie-panel were Kennedy, Johnson, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Kelly Marie Tran and Mark Hamill. I don't think that there is any particular meaning behind his appearance at the convention.
  11. I definately see FF8 ahead at this point internationally, China is just too big to make up in that regard. I'd expect it to be rather similar to the last matchup. TLJ will destroy FF8 domestically, just like TFA destroyed Furious 7. FF8 will destroy TLJ in China, though the margin should be quite a bit lower than the domestic difference. "The international markets minus China" should go towards TLJ, as it happened the last time around as well, but China will be enough to keep FF8 ahead internationally. In total, TLJ should come out ahead worldwide as well. To put it into numbers: F7 had 390m in China and 760m in the other international markets, TFA had 124m in China and 1.07b in the other markets, for a difference of about 30m when all international markets are combined. FF8 shouldn't drop much in China and it is unclear how much it will drop elsewhere, though I don't expect it to keep up like that either. I expect TLJ to drop quite a bit internationally, because 1b without China is very tough to do and TFA benefitted from being the first new SW movie in quite some time.
  12. Don't see anything baffling about the teaser. It's just that, a teaser, it's not supposed to give more but a glimpse of anything. There is more than enough time to show other sides of the movie, possibly two full trailers, plus the final marketing campaign. There wasn't even a hint of humor in any of the TFA-trailers, yet there was quite a bit of it in the final movie. There is little reason to show these kind of things in the first teaser. Focusing on Luke - and thus on Rey as well - was a rather obvious move, because he's the one main character that didn't really appear in TFA. If someone is disappointed about Finn or Poe not being in it in a large enough role, they do not really understand what a teaser is supposed to do. And again, there is more than enough time for them to appear in future trailers. Neither of Rey, Finn, Poe or Kylo Ren were in the first TFA-teaser for more than a split-second, and none of the big three appeared at all. Indeed, those four glimpses plus BB-8 were the only character-shots at all, no one else was shown. No Hux, no Snoke, no Han, no Leia, no Luke, no Chewie, no Maz, no Phasma, no 3PO or R2. Granted, this one was a bit longer than that teaser, but it was very unlikely from the get go to get more than a few tiny shots from all established or new characters this time around. The second TFA-teaser wasn't much different. A few more shots of Rey and Finn, some tiny bits of Poe and Kylo Ren, a scene with Leia and Maz in which you couldn't really identify either, a short look at BB-8 and Phasma, plus Han and Chewie appearing at the end. Oh yeah, and a small look at Luke and R2, in which you couldn't even clearly see him. It wasn't until the final trailer in October that you got any of the new characters to speak some words.
  13. No, that's most definately not it. It's about your behaviour towards the opinion of others. You aren't saying "I didn't like the trailer", what you are saying amounts to "the trailer sucks, anyone who likes it only does so because he is a fanboy, I am objective and everyone who likes the trailer isn't". Not only is that an idiotic stance to hold, but it is also very much the opposite from being objective. There is nothing wrong with being of the opinion that a trailer isn' good. But there is a whole lot wrong with claiming to hold the true opinion whole everyone else is just a mindless sheep. You don't get criticised for disliking the trailer, but because of your blatant disregard of the fact that your opinion isn't any more or less objective than the opinions of everyone else.
  14. Sounds like there is some whispering in the background, similar to that of the force-vision from TFA.
  15. 3rd trend from insidekino: #1 BatB 215k #2 Boss Baby 185k #3 Smurfs 3 175k #4 Ghost itS 95k #5 Lommbock 40k #6 Life 35k #7 Kong 32.5k #8 The Shack 25k Nichts zu verschenken 20k