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  1. I really need to pay attention to when the holidays are
  2. I can't believe I have chance at Top 10 after bombing so hard on It Comes At Night. wow at WW, though.
  3. damn, Wimpy can't catch a break
  4. KA isn't the only one with an unpredictable drop, though. Any of the bottom 5 could be derbykillers. Post-holiday weekend, strong 4 quadrant competition, heavy theater losses, crazy things can happen or, everything might just drop 45% and hurt us the other way
  5. I feel a low-scoring week coming, and not just for me
  6. congratz @Matrix4You, what a photo finish!
  7. I just wish I could've edged @TalismanRing last week instead of this week in the tourney
  8. @Rolling Thunder, don't get too excited till actuals, though, I would know
  9. congrats to @boxofficeth! 95%+ on any week is amazing

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