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  1. @Rolling Thunder, don't get too excited till actuals, though, I would know
  2. congrats to @boxofficeth! 95%+ on any week is amazing
  3. woohoo, thank you @AndyLL, now if Christ could just drop even lower
  4. @POTUS, Andy got me in the system if you're able to re-download me. Not that I have a score to brag much about
  5. oh no worries @POTUS, Andy said he'll put me in since I told him right away. Some glitch, I guess. I may squeak into the top 10 yet
  6. deadline numbers are out, I have above 90 so I guess I'm happy. Who knows if half of y'all have 90+, though
  7. @Matrix4You is on a tear! I'm just trying to stay above average
  8. cool, let's hope I stay top 10 by actuals
  9. so which will it be...holdovers getting crushed by a 4-quadrant film (though it skews female), or helped by spillover from sellouts?
  10. congrats, CJohn!
  11. seriously, I figured you would've won at least 5 times by now