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  1. It's like being a teacher. Imagine working for crappy pay where no one likes or respects you, and you only get paid for part of the year. Unlike being a teacher, you can't get another job during the summer break.
  2. Yes. low hanging fruit and all that. though I wasn't referring to that.
  3. The other thing to remember is the reason BvS did so well on Bluray is because they literally said "This isn't the movie that was in theaters". Asking to give it a second chance. The theatrical cut was only released on barebones DVD, which is packaged in small print with the Bluray.
  4. Like DC introducing Superwoman, Chinese Superman, Latina Green Lantern, Black kid flash, Muslim Green Lantern, Gay Batman and Gay Superman.
  5. Good luck with Exams. We're rooting for you!
  6. Fucking hell, If I only I was good enough for one more week!
  7. Problem though. Spaihts has very consistently hit over 100M. You can not like his work, but Prometheus, Dr. Strange, and (To my pain) Passengers managed over 100M Dom.
  8. ...I like you well enough to say this to your face. I hope this club fails.
  9. Diesel has to be pissed about this.