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  1. Star Wars: The Clone Wars WB $43,290,800 $35,161,554 8/15/08
  2. eh, I'd put them on par with each other.
  3. Besides cool movies staring Black Cat or Silver Sable?
  4. Nah, Disney buys it then makes good movies out of those ideas
  5. Maaaaaybe. Hail to the King, Baby
  6. It's only brought on by previous movies never showing Peter as actually being smart. Organic webshooters to just buying them from someone else. Shit he did in his back room with a nothing budget. He does what Tony does with a box of scraps. (In a cave )
  7. Shock of shocks. Spidey has gadgets. He never had gadgets in the Lee/ditko comics. This is an outrage.
  8. My problem with that is...well that was true since the beginning. Even if it wasn't Tony supplied, Spidey always had a bunch of random BS gizmos.
  9. I have more than once read books I truly hated but recognized it as a quality story. I've also read classics that still have me scratching my head how anyone found this to be good. Tolkien is one of those writers that bores me to tears. but I also hate High Fantasy. But he puts in the work that makes it quality work. Just clearly not meant for me.
  10. Ok? And? That literally has nothing to do with using the R-Rated Logan as a datapoint comparing popularity to a PG-13 Captain America film.
  11. These comparisons always of Logan to CA always seem to forget that R-rated films don't make as much as PG-13 films. and yes, we can hold up Deadpool, but that is an outlier, just look at how much R-rated movies make in general.
  12. Hm...to you? No. No I did not. I don't need to the person making a snarky comment hours later.
  13. I disagree onto deadpool's popularity.

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