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  1. The character posters for this movie got released and they look tragic. I know I'm not the intended audience for this movie but the trailer looks like it was just thrown together without any thought to it. It just looks awful and not funny. I feel like this will still do really well but I still don't get the comparisons with Bad Moms. To me at least Bad Moms looked funny and I feel like I knew way more people that were interested in watching that versus this.
  2. That's clearly not what I said but okay.
  3. You're making me want to go out and get me a hoagie from Wawa.
  4. If I were to be an actor or actress in Hollywood, I would want to be Emma Watson. All the royalties she gets from HP and all the royalties she will get from BATB. Girl is set.
  5. But why watch Emma Watson in this movie when you can still watch her in BATB? Just because reviews for this havent come out yet doesn't mean it will be terrible BUT I know absolutely no one who has mentioned this film or talked about wanting to watch it. Of course that's anecdotal evidence.
  6. You know what bothers me about all of this and I'm probably nitpicking but the way this is all written about is what bothers me. It paints the writers in a bad light. If the media is covering it, a headline reads "HOLLYWOOD WRITERS ON STRIKE!" And then the average joe is just like well why the hell are they striking! They make a ton of money anyways because they're in Hollywood (they don't but the average joe doesn't know that). I know it's easiest to get clicks that way but most folks just read the headline and then complain about how the writers are ruining their entertainment. But that's not the case. I actually had to explain this to a fellow classmate of mine today who began complaining to me that the writers were striking again which means we are getting shitty reality shows and awful movies blah blah blah....and I know he's not the only one who thinks this way. I know some media outlets do a good job of explaining what's going on but most of them just put the strike headline and then go on to talk about how this strike effects the entertainment industry. It's really disheartening to me. But again maybe im just nitpicking over something stupid.
  7. Mulan is aimed at kids but even then if im Fox i would be more worried about competition that's in June of 2018 than Mulan opening the same weekend as Deadpool 2. Mulan is more likely to have a run closer to Cinderella (if that) than let's say BATB but like you said they haven't done casting or anything so who knows if it's still going to be released then.
  8. I see. My mistake haha I was like wait MD 2018 is full! But yea I think it should be moved there regardless of whether the strike happens or not. And DP should be moved to November. But then again im not the head of the studio haha
  9. That's probably where they should move it too regardless of whether there's a strike or not and move Deadpool 2 to November 2018.
  10. The Han Solo movie is coming out that weekend so it's not a soft weekend at all. And considering Dark Phoenix doesn't even have a script yet, if the writers strike does indeed happen there's no way they're getting it out by November of 2018 let alone Memorial Day Weekend 2018.
  11. I agree. I said it in the thread for the strike but if it goes through then I see Fox moving Deadpool 2 to Dark Phoenix's release date because that movie won't happen
  12. New Mutants and Deadpool 2 will be fine, I believe. I'm 99% sure the New Mutants script is done and the Deadpool 2 one well they've gone through several drafts so I would assume they'd have something to work with but the question then becomes is how much creative control is Fox going to give Reynolds and co to improvise/add to the drafts that they already have. Dark Phoenix is done....I don't see it coming out in time. Kinberg isn't going to be an asshole and write the movie just because he's directed it. I actually wouldnt be shocked if Fox moves Deadpool all the way to November and gives it Dark Phoenix's release date. Just to at least have some space between their films.
  13. That's all I want from this film. Just mindless fun and action so I'm glad that's what it is.
  14. Of course but I wasn't even talking about fan reactions. I was talking about reactions from verified twitter users/actual critics who gave their first impressions of the film.