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  1. I'm trying to understand who on Anne Hathaway's team thought it was a good idea for her to sign up for that film. Like Anne is an Oscar winning actress. Surely her choices are not limited to the freaking Barbie movie.
  2. Ten bucks his frame by frame trailer analysis is better than the actual movie.
  3. I think both films can exist at the same time personally. Especially because by the time they both come out most of the competition will have run its course. I'm just not too high on this doing well like I was before simply because the marketing has been really lacking.
  4. Critics embargos are changed all the time. Studios typically set the embargo really close/on the release date initially and then change it when the release date gets closer...or if they have a stinker of a film they just keep the embargo where it is. Some critics have already seen this film so like I said above, I expect this to be decent. It's box office is another story especially with Logan Lucky getting killer reviews at the moment. But we shall see.
  5. The best parts of the trailer were when Wonder Woman appeared. Everything else was meh to me. Might as well reshoot it and just make it Wonder Woman 1.5 until we get the official sequel.
  6. Why are Cara D and Rihanna getting the blunt of the blame for Valerian flopping? We all knew it was going to flop. It has a $209M budget. The odds for it to succeed were already in doubt just on that budget alone. And we have already seen that just because you cast a well known actor or actress (see the Mummy, Baywatch and Ghost In The Shell etc) it doesn't mean your movie is going to do well financially. Unless your Star Wars, films like Valerian haven't exactly been setting the box office on fire. Heck even a well received Star Trek film didn't set the box office on fire last year. Before we even get to the actors you have to consider the script, concept, direction etc but let's skip all of that and get to the actors. Rihanna has a glorified cameo. That's it. If the studio wanted to use her in the marketing that's fine, and that's their right I think everyone going to watch the film knew that she only had a cameo. Cara D is a very well known and successful model. She's just now beginning to venture out into Hollywood. Maybe the studio picked her because they feel like she's going to be the next big thing. Or maybe their top choices said no, so they settled for a relatively well known model who came cheap from a price standpoint? But regardless of whether this film was successful or not, these two women shouldn't suddenly have their careers questioned. Movies flop all the time. Movies with well known actors flop all the time. And yet those actors especially male actors get second and third and fourth chances all the time. And all this talk about Cara D and Rihanna but like what about Dane Dehaan? He's a nobody who got cast in a big budget film like this. Why aren't there questions about how a male actor like him got cast in a film like this as opposed to why well known names like Cara D and Rihanna got cast instead?
  7. Not that it matters for the states but since I mentioned marketing in my previous post, I should mention that in Malaysia, I saw several ad billboards for this film.
  8. Empire City said it got pretty good reactions at his screening and he said it wasn't bad...he's the one who said he expects it to be a crowd pleasing film. Scott Mendelson in his summer box office report said that exhibitors were pretty high on the film based on the screening they saw and that he thinks it would do well based on his thoughts about the film. So I'm inclined to believe that the movie is at least decent.
  9. Wait wait so That One Guy has been anticipating Valerian for the past several months and he doesn't even get through it's Friday weekend thread? Sad! But I just found where he got thread banned. Looked like bait to me and he fell for it. Marveldcfox hates on pretty much every movie and wants them to fail. Sad that That One Guy couldn't see that
  10. At first I was kind of shocked that Fox showed nothing from their CBM slate but then I realized they probably have nothing for New Mutants and anything Deadpool related can get released via social media and get millions of hits within the hour. So they're probably going to wait until they get a really good first trailer cut before releasing anything. There's no point in rushing something out when like I mentioned Deadpool material gets around fast on social media. But I am still shocked that they dedicated their entire panel to Kingsman. Not trying to sound like a jerk, but I don't think anyone really cares for the film THAT much to where it gets its own panel. So for that I think Fox dropped the ball

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