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  1. You're seriously lowering the DC franchise to that of power rangers?
  2. This part of a review of the trailer had me laughing so hard And it’s so goddamn DARK. It’s like every movie Zack Snyder directs gets darker and darker—at this point, it looks like he’s shooting these movies in a damp basement. That underwater shot of Meera (Amber Heard) is virtually colorless, which is such a waste. She’s in a MAGIC UNDERWATER KINGDOM. It could look like literally anything and Zack Snyder chooses “flooded abandoned bathroom” as his aesthetic
  3. Are we really starting this convo again? The Joker was the center of all the Suicide Squad marketing campaigns. And Harley Quinn was pretty well known. Ill give you Deadpool though. My whole point was that Aquaman and Flash aren't going to be the ones who elevate the JL movie above BvS....which had the holy trinity of super heroes in it.
  4. What? Batman v Superman. It's literally in the damn title. Wonder Woman was in a lot of the marketing. Who cares if it was a team up movie or not. Everyone knew Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman were going to be in the film. Aquaman isnt as popular as you think he is. Neither is the Flash. They're known characters but they're not THAT popular. This film will out open BvS only if it gets good reviews.
  5. What happened to YouTube is now you can watch trailers on social media. Where as before folks would put the link to the YouTube you can literally just watch it without having to go to YouTube.
  6. That's how I felt about it. It wasn't the ending itself. Just how they got there aka the execution.
  7. Every single time I see someone else like Life, I die on the inside a little because of how awful it's doing box office wise