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  1. I wish I had a decent college professor. Instead I get a conspiracy theory nut
  2. I know. I was just screwing with you
  3. How materialistic of you
  4. Makes sense. Internet out there probably sucks. I wanna rewatch the Simpsons Movie now
  5. How does Nebula joining the Guardians work? Is she 100% a hero or kinda of a dick still?
  6. What if Chris Pratt was that kid from the beginning of the first movie?
  7. Killing off characters doesn't make it good by default. By that logic Walking Dead is the greatest thing ever made
  8. You know, the people who bitching about 'how this isn't live action11!!1' are getting really fucking annoying
  9. Because not everyone is a crabby old man who doesn't get excited for anything
  10. SW, Avengers 4 and Lion King are 100% hitting 400m barring the Room level reception, and Frozen 2 & Toy Story have a pretty good shot
  11. Grinch maybe, Animated Spider-Man no way in hell