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  1. I went to see The Departed by myself a couple of weeks after I turned 13. Whatareyasomecomicbookmoviefreakshuh? gofuckyourselves.
  2. Probably too late now but we should have done what we did a few years back and added a 16th film at the bottom in case something from our top 15 got delayed.
  3. From the director of My Week with Marilyn and Woman in Gold no less. Hard to resist the urge to tell this movie to fuck off right away.
  4. As an old professor of mine used to say, congratulations, you're one year closer to happiness
  5. Lincoln goes on for 15 minutes longer than it should and is further dragged down a little by Spielberg's typical shoved-in father-son drama with DDL and JGL, but all in all it's still one of his better works. Engaging and alive instead of stuffy and actually funny whenever it wants to be. Should have won Picture and Director if ZDT wasn't going to, and needless to say adapted screenplay. Tony Kushner is really the best thing that happened to Spielberg this century.
  6. Thought about it for a couple minutes and I can't really choose between those two and Furiosa. All great in different ways.
  7. Yup I've been getting major 22 Jump Street vibes from this the entire time. In.
  8. Cody brings out the best in him. Wrote his only two films that still hold up really well (in not just writing but direction as well), all the more remarkable considering how different they are. So yeah. If this is another miss then his career will be looking truly dire but until then I'm hopeful.
  9. The tagline on that Fast 9 poster demands that someone photoshop the dude tapping his forehead in place of Damon
  10. Good God charge your phone man
  11. Weird how a couple months back Disney seemed to be all set on fudging Moana past 250m and then they kinda just went eh, whatever.