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  1. The whole movie industrie is cannibalizing itself with the amount of blockbusters coming out. Not just Valerian will suffer. Movie is now also fresh with Top Critics, for those interested. Average rating is pretty low tho. Top Critics TOMATOMETER 63% Average Rating: 5.2/10 Reviews Counted: 16 Fresh: 10 Rotten: 6
  2. Dunkirk Under Fury (85m) Domestically

  3. BvS was very frontloaded and it could have done at least a 180m OW and over 450m total DOM (2.5 multiplier which MoS and Suicide Squad both almost pulled off), if it was well received. WB/DC marketing is very good and if they manage to crank out a decent movie, then 450m isn't a stretch by any means. In.
  4. I agree that this was needed for Wonder Woman, since this is her first solo Tentpole movie. We've seen the Batman and Superman you're describing before. I actually like that they went in this direction, because I like the characters more than ever now. They will also be redeemed in the coming movies, I'm sure of it. They are doing it the other way round. Starting off corrupted and growing into what we truly want to see, and this works for me.
  5. My head tells me out, my heart tells me in. I'm IN!
  6. Seems like a pretty decent haul. This could make the movie profitable before homevideo right?
  7. That makes more sense. There's been pages of discussion here and I didn't read all the way back. I understand why it could be cause for concern box office wise... Thanks for explaining.
  8. Why do so many people care about the alleged rape? Isn't the movie and box office run more important (on this forum)? Edit: I'm looking forward to the movie.

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