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  1. If Power Rangers is still in wide release next weekend, my prediction is $640k, or a 53.6% drop.
  2. My weekly exercise in optimism is due: Power Rangers at $1.72M, or 38.9% drop.
  3. Estimates for Lionsgate's P&A budget for Power Rangers are all over the place, but one was as low as $30M. Considering it only needed to advertise in the US and UK, that's not an entirely unfeasible number. If so, then depending on how US-heavy that number is, Lionsgate's day-of-release negative cost could be as little as $32.5M. In that case, not only is it already profitable, but as of Saturday it has already made a 10% return. LG is probably going to be satisfied with the investment, whether they're able to make a sequel or not.
  4. I honestly think this will get a sequel. Whether or not there's any more beyond that will rely on the second film overperforming. If it experiences the usual sequel drop, then you can tell Jim that it's dead.
  5. It's going to be a while. Even if/when China's box office eclipses the US (currently $6.6G vs $10.7G, respectively), that won't change the fact that five of the six major movie studios are American companies. The US is such a cushy place for rich people, especially compared to China, that it's going to be a while before they start catering primarily to the Chinese market.
  6. I figured it would plunge almost 75%.
  7. After surprising me in its second weekend, Power Rangers looks like it will disappoint for two weekends in a row. I'm picturing a still-optimistic $3.58M now, which would be a 42.2% drop.
  8. I'm gonna go optimistic for Power Rangers and say $3.74M, meaning a 39.6% drop.
  9. The funny thing is that in spite of the terrible drop, it will end up making a decent profit for Lionsgate... and STILL not be able to get a sequel because LG won't be able to get as much from presales next time.
  10. Yeah, right now I'm figuring a five-week total of $85.6M. If it goes for six weeks, bump that up to $86.8M.
  11. Based on those weekend estimates, my current projection for Power Rangers' next weekend is $3.72M, which would be a 40.2% drop. I mean, come on, it can't drop 60% every weekend, can it?
  12. I'm not really an anime fan, there's just an anime I happen to like, and that's Dragon Ball. It's dumb as a bag of rocks, but damn if it isn't addicting. Like a crack whore in her prime.
  13. A question: Let's say Power Rangers pulls out $5.76M for the weekend. Does it have enough gas in the tank to pull in another $5.5M total over the remainder of its theatrical run?
  14. Slight correction: It's made over $40M in revenue for Lionsgate. Right now it's made about $7.5M profit. A nice goal to hope for is $13M, since that would represent a 10% return, which is what a lot of studios consider the satisfaction threshold.