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  1. The various audience indicators suggest that the word of mouth on PR will be fairly solid as well.
  2. $14.75M for PR? So the real day-to-day is a 29.8% increase. That's pretty good. So long as the Sunday drop is 30.2% or less, it'll make it to $40M for the weekend.
  3. I would call a $40M OW "sub-optimal". It's not horrible, but it's not great either.
  4. In its final cut, it's the longest superhero film of all time... and I honestly think that version of it is a good movie. The problem is that the man behind it had no business touching Superman.
  5. ...You mind sharing it with the class then? Using words? Unambiguously explanatory words? AKA Communicating like a human being?
  6. Okay, what is your evidence, you fucking child?
  7. Didn't someone else in your recent thread run a regression and find that RT user score was significant? Another regression on another site (can't remember exactly where, it was awhile ago) showed the same for Cinemascore, but did your data show otherwise?
  8. You're assuming that only an unintelligent audience would prefer "toons and tights" as its preferred type of movie, and by implication that an audience that prefers critically-acclaimed drama must be more intelligent. I'm gonna have to ask you to back that assertion up.
  9. So, of the three factors statistically shown to correlate with good legs (high Youtube trailer views, good Cinemascore, high RT user score), Power Rangers has hit all three. Hopefully that translates into better staying power than we expected.
  10. Wait, Puerto Rico. San Juan, the capital, is bolded. Coordinate markings are given on the side of the map. San Juan's latitude is roughly 18.5 degrees North. So... $18.5M Friday?!
  11. So that means the movie would only have to make about $45.5M to cover the rest of the production budget. Then it's just a matter of covering the marketing expenses. If they spent $50M on P&A, then that means a domestic gross of $136M would put it in the black. That would take some surprising legs. So, it's all up to home video.
  12. When the Deadline article says that Lionsgate has 25% exposure on Power Rangers, what exactly does that mean? Does it mean that they've already covered 75% of the costs selling the foreign distribution rights, among other things?
  13. Oh by all means, continue to regale us about how your five-year-old tastes were so sophisticated while simultaneously putting down anyone who thinks otherwise. It's totally endearing and not at all unflattering to you.
  14. I see this difference whenever I discuss new movies with my grandfather. His first question after I describe the film is almost always "Who's in it?". And my silent reaction is usually "What does that have to do with anything?".