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  1. So, 400 million worldwide locked.
  2. Transformers: The Last Knight (June 23, 2017)

    I think 600 million won't happen anymore. Anything between 570-590 million worldwide and call it a day. Next movie will probably make even less.
  3. Intense numbers for Wonder Woman. Probably got a boost thanks to the Justice League trailer, which is great. Bad drop for Apes Better drop that expected for Spidey, but still not a great domestic performance
  4. No, it was real. But it was short and it's also on youtube now. No shaking. Basically
  5. Brazilian site. Some users posted that 15 sec footage ( 10 secs longer ). However, whoever filmed it, had problems with the cam and it kept moving. Now it's gone. There's now only the guy from instagram that uploaded that thing...
  6. Sorry for the double post, but shit!!! There's another leak and it's longer. Whoever made it, has Parkinson though... Edit: It's gone now, lol.
  7. So, it seems it was another Hydra leak. Perhaps that'll make them release the whole thing now, I don't know...
  8. Wow, that guy is crazy if that's indeed his real account. Might get sued for that.
  9. Damn, someone leaked part of the Infinite War footage... Poor guy, lol.
  10. That's not enough, lol. Obviously they'll come with something to justify that. I mean, not even the Guardians of The Galaxy managed to see her.
  11. So Captain Marvel is a prequel to Iron Man? Wow!!! So where was she during the rest of the movies, lol.
  12. The Red Cape is coming. The Red Cape is coming!!! Loved this trailer. I'm pretty much happy with it.
  13. There is nothing missing...:) Movie will get screened, if what Mendelson said, is true. XD
  14. Will Affleck be part of the comic con tomorrow? If so, perhaps he'll say something. I personally doubt he'll leave. So, let's wait.

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