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  1. I'm from Rio de Janeiro- Brazil Great topic, by the way.
  2. So, MCU movies, X-Men movies and DCU movies will be in trouble for next year, I guess. Damn...
  3. This is great, hilarious and tastefully done. Mr Kennedy probably went to John Wick's school. It shows... I apologize if there's already a topic for Vendetta. I didn't find one.
  4. I guess it's up to the budgets for these movies. For example, Inifinity War's budget will probably be insanely high ( some say it's 500 million ). Besides, just imagine the insane ammount of money they'll spend with advertising and promotion.
  5. Probably Deadpool will be able to reload his guns, by using his teeth. I mean, the director is one of the guys who made the first John Wick movie. So, expect insane and well filmed action.
  6. So, is GOTG 2 another Iron Man 2, AOU and Thor: The Dark World? Or is it more like The Winter Soldier? Even though reviews are good, they seem to be focusing on how the movie is just more of the same and sometimes it feels way too much focused on silly stuff. Iron Man 2 and AOU box office decreased if compared to the previous movies. Thor The Dark World and Winter Soldier had a better increase overseas, but not so much domestic.
  7. I've just watched John Wick ( first movie ) again, and wow! This guy probably had the worst death in the movie, even though he was just a security guard, lol. This guys gets brutal deaths, always. He's in The Equalizer. Ask Denzel.
  8. Whoa!!! I'm surprised that Fox went on to confirm 3 X-Men movies for next year, lol. I loved X-Men Apocalypse much more than Civil War. I know I'm in the minority, but Apocalypse was great in my view. Great movie, great scenes. I don't care about Mystique though, not a Lawrence fan and I hope she doesn't come back to another X-Men. So, now that we get New Mutants, Deadpool 2 and Dark Phoenix for 2018, what will we get in 2019? Gambit movie is either dead or in the ghost zone. X-Force will probably happen in 2019. Perhaps another movie with X-23. Hell, I want more Dafne Keen. I would like a Quicksilver solo movie.
  9. Yeah, GOTG is its own thing, it doesn't require people to watch any previous MCU movie. That's quite refreshing. GOTG 2 requires people to have watched the first movie, though. GOTG 3 will require audiences to have watched the first 2 movies. Infinity War will require people to have watched all previous movies, unless you only come for the Guardians, which will still require people to have watched GOTG 1 and 2. So, it's only a matter of time until it gets complex, lol.
  10. That's a brutal drop, for sure. Damn...
  11. It'll still have the weekdays to boost the numbers. It'll be making something between 40-43 million until it finally dies.
  12. Jesus! Ghost in The Shell is dropping like a rock, or should I say Shell? It dropped 60.9%, then it dropped 66% and now it has another 63% drop.
  13. I'm just worried about who is directing the Phoenix movie. Hopefully, NOT Kinberg.