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  1. They have Saw Legacy coming this year...:) Lionsgate's fatal mistake was closing down HOJ ( House of Jigsaw ). It was one of the best places, if not the best place to talk about the series. Good times. I remember when I talked to the writers and the directors. I won't deny, it was amazing! They really need to start promoting this movie.
  2. Hopefully PR will get a sequel, if it performs better in the next markets and China/Japan. At least is having fine domestic numbers. Could be worse, that's for sure. Let's hope VR Troopers will also get its cinematic universe. Ron Perlman could be a nice Grimlord.
  3. It depends on what the contract says. I don't know if you watched Saw 3D ( the "last" Saw movie ), but it was a big troubled production. They fired the director 3 weeks before filming, and forced Kevin Greutert ( who had directed Saw 6 and would direct Paranormal Activity 2 ), to come back to the director's chair, based on a clause that had him coming back to a sequel if he was called to one. I guess the same happens to actors.
  4. According to imdb, the other markets ( not counting Japan and China ) are: Estonia 31 March 2017 Lithuania 31 March 2017 Norway 31 March 2017 South Africa 31 March 2017 Belgium 5 April 2017 France 5 April 2017 Czech Republic 6 April 2017 Hungary 6 April 2017 Italy 6 April 2017 Slovakia 6 April 2017 Bulgaria 7 April 2017 Spain 7 April 2017 Romania 7 April 2017 Sweden 7 April 2017
  5. 71 million, it seems.
  6. Suicide Squad was always going to be a tough sell. Hell, most of the people ( except for avid fanboys ) didn't know them. The name of the movie ( Suicide ) was just one of the challenges it would be facing. Yeah, Joker and Harley are very, very famous, but not the figure of the Suicide Squad. I discovered them when I clicked on a damn youtube link by accident, and it was a cartoon called Assault on Arkham. So, I only had that cartoon as a reference for the movie. Sure, the movie was nothing like the animated version, but I still liked it. Obviously the marketing would explore Joker, Batman and Harley. They needed the audiences to understand that they were part of that universe. That being said, the movie performed really good and it's even impressive when it wasn't even released in China. I still don't get how Doctor Strange could get a China release, but not Suicide Squad. Perhaps it was because but that would be BS, because there are movies with , that got released in China without any damn problem. Point is, Suicide Squad performed really well. It would probably have made money in China, that's a fact. How much, we'll never now. However, let's not dismiss the movie's sucess just because it happened to have Batman ( 2 minutes ) and Joker ( for maybe 15 minutes ).
  7. I wouldn't say PR is dead at all. If it manages to make at least 100 million domestic, I'll be really surprised. It has a chance of making 50 million overseas without Japan/China. If it manages to make more 130-150 million from Japan and China, I guess we could see a sequel. Sure, I'm suspect because I loved PR and I want a sequel at least, but I still hope it might get good word of mouth enough to make a reasonable money.
  8. Tobin Bell teases Billy and a possible roller coaster trap. I'm really curious about this movie. I'm being honest, I can't wait for it.
  9. You're on meltdown mode, bro. lol Seriously, just stop it. I loved PR and it seems you enjoyed it too. Relax. You got your movie. At best it'll make 100 million domestic. It'll need to perform like a monster overseas, to justify a sequel. Perhaps it'll get a huge money from Japan and China, but you never know. At best: 250-275 million worldwide At worst: 190-200 million worldwide. Granted, it has China and Japan, but I love being pessimistic, so i can be surprised if it makes better than that.
  10. According to boxofficemojo, PR will perform like Independence Day: Resurgence ( 41 opening weekend and finished with 100 million domestic ) or The Legend of Tarzan ( with a 38.5 million opening and 124 million final ) At least, it seems the world of mouth is good. Audiences are giving it a A. I mean, those who watched it, like me. XD Finishing in second place is Lionsgate's release of Saban's Power Rangers, which brought in an estimated $40.5 million from 3,693 locations. This result finds the film delivering in the high end of pre-release tracking and opening day audiences showed they enjoyed what they saw, scoring it with an "A" CinemaScore. Of that audience 30% were under the age of 18 and gave the film an "A+" CinemaScore. Further demographic breakdown saw the audience made up of 60% male moviegoers vs. 40% female, of which 50% of the audience was over the age of 25. Looking ahead it will be interesting to see just how high the domestic total can climb for the $100 million production as last year saw Independence Day: Resurgence open with $41 million and only go on to gross just over $100 million. However, The Legend of Tarzan debuted with $38.5 million and finished its domestic run over $125 million. A performance closer to Tarzan's seems more likely, but next weekend will be the tell-tale sign as to just how front-loaded this film was, but with an "A" CinemaScore and a strong performance with audiences under the age of 18 it could prove to have strong legs over the coming weeks. Internationally, Power Rangers debuted in 62 markets and delivered an estimated $18.7 million for a $59.2 million worldwide debut. Of the territories in which the film was released, Mexico led the way with an estimated $3 million followed by a $2.1 million opening in Brazil, the film finished second in both markets. Power Rangers also finished second in the UK with an estimated $2.1 million. The film has yet to open in plenty of major markets including upcoming early April releases in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Finland and Sweden followed by a late April release in South Korea and a mid-July release in Japan.
  11. Well, you can't blame them when almost the entire world and critics were saying this movie was way too dark and serious. lol So, you have to seel your product and show it's different. Besides, it's great that we learn nothing about the movie's plot, because if I'm correct, the entire world also complained about the second trailer giving way too many spoilers about the movie. So, careful what you wish for. I think BVS first trailer was epic, unlike JL's first trailer. BVS trailers usually gave away the plot and best shots, unlike JL's first trailer. BVS wasn't well reviewed, hopefully UNLIKE JL.
  12. I don't know how is the word of mouth for PR, but it seems to be really good here in Brazil. Many friends are loving the movie, and that's surprising. They all say the same thing: they thought the movie would be shit and horrible. RT user score still at 82%, it seems.
  13. Easily? Despite getting a budget of 185 million plus whatever they spent for marketing? Despite Peter Jackson's Kong box office of 550 million 12 years ago? It'll make a profit, but let's not kid ourselves here, lol.
  14. By the way, is WB satisfied with Kong's numbers? I mean, its overseas numbers are being saved by China ( China again, lol ). Peter Jackson's Kong made 550 million worldwide, and that was 12 years ago. So, I don't know how WB feels about these numbers. Has this movie even made a profit?