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  1. Spider-man and Iron Man together means this could be close, if both cross 1 billion it really doesn't matter imo. I also see Ragnarok being not that far behind.
  2. If you are talking about the video it's not new, it's just the international version of the trailer last year.
  3. My money is on next week. Edit: Notice the shadow being cast? the Vultures wing.
  4. Batman verbally acknowledges Superman has parents and tells him he doesn't give a shit 1 minute before "Martha". It's a stupid movie. And why it's hilarious fanboys think people will "get it" years later. The writing is FAR too poor for that. Edit: Sorry for DP.
  5. I honestly don't care. Trying to argue Marvel copied BvS of all things makes you sound dumb and childish. Russo's have discussed their creative process and it had nothing to do with DC. The announcement of BvS just further convinced Feige to go with the Russo's idea.
  6. Marvel didn't copy the Martha scene because it's obviously stupid. And because there was nothing to copy since both were in production at the same time.
  7. I know the post I'm quoting is basically fanboy squealing. But still...
  8. Apologists need to stop thinking everything is a nitpick. And the UC changes nothing.