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  1. People are too damn sensitive and need to get over their own insecurities. There was nothing even pompous in what he said, man is just confident in his work.
  2. Easy in.
  3. They are both the same click-bait garbage and one isn't more "in the know" than the other. Using basic common sense should tell you they aren't going to recast.
  4. Out, wont come close.
  5. Floor is 150, roof 180. I also see this crossing 400 dom; and 1 billion WW even if it has to crawl. Baby Groot is a killer X factor. Also Wonder Woman isn't crumbling anything, It'll be very interesting to see what the competition (and reviews) surrounding that does to it.
  6. Over 21 million, it will pass the JL trailer shortly despite coming out 4 days later. " Fanboys in denial " The irony is incredible....
  7. huh... 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' trailer trounces latest look at 'Justice League' on social media
  8. Was full of life for 2 seconds until the realization started sinking in of what day it is.