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  1. So: I loved the movie. The first one is still my favorite, though. GOTG2 feels like GOTG season 1, episode 2 (which is okay with me, but I can see people unhappy with this). It's not a bottle episode. I understand why Tapley is saying that, but, it's just not a bottle episode. Drax, Mantis & Baby Groot have the best moments. Don't get spoiled. So far the trailers don't show much.
  2. I worked on a GOTG limited series that's getting released right now, ( so, I'd rather be careful and respect the rules, so I can keep my job, :D. (but again, they just want to contain spoilers)
  3. I will not be able to tell you I loved it on Twitter/ FB / Social network until April, 18.
  4. Saw the movie yesterday. Can't express my feelings till April 18th, no critics until 24th. They want to avoid spoilers.
  5. I'm seeing the movie tomorrow. I obviously won't say anything on the boards except a basic "I liked it/ loved it/ hated it." Anyway, I can't wait. Really. I loved the first one, it's my fav MCU movie so far.
  6. I believe they will.
  7. That movie does not exist.
  8. Found it boring except for Quicksilver. I love X2 & First Class. Meh for X1 & DOFP. The one I reaaaaally didn't like is Last Stand.
  9. I've seen the movie. Didn't like it. My top: 1) X-Men 2 2) First Class 3) X-Men 4) DOFP 5) Apocalypse 2016) XMen The Last Stand Edit: (also, not giving up anything away from the plot, so don't ask)
  10. Just saw the movie. So much love for Spidey & Ant Man during my screening.
  11. Hey there. I've been a lurker since the release of GOTG (when the forum had another name ). Figured I should register at some point. I guess it's gonna be for this thread ( but I almost registered when Cjohn got spoiled for Cloverfield)