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  1. So the FOX panel and the Inhumans show panel are the only stuff I am looking forward to on day 1, tomorrow. I can't stand the Inhumans but what Feige did by banishing them to tv-land was brutal. They are a laughing stoke now.
  2. It won't be a problem for me, but is it possible that this film will be so overwhelmingly epic for some GA members to handle lol. Like exhaustingly epic for them. So epic to cause them to crave much lower budget films afterwards.
  3. Disney putting Star Wars films at the end of May is not helping things, especially for the 2019 Avengers film. Going to see some epic front- loads.
  4. So WB are really going to release Aquaman footage online . A December 2018 film.... Surely, no underwater shots will be ready. The underwater stuff is what people really want to see.
  5. I forgot about this film. With no Star Wars in December 2018. I think this, Aquaman and Poppins can co exist well.
  6. Avengers 3 will easily make more money than Avengers 4 Imo. The general audience will see it as a 2 parter, coming out one year apart.
  7. Good Lord that teaser descriptions.... Those 1 billion dollar budget rumors for both Avengers films seem more believable now. Its going to be hard for them to lie about the budgets for these films.
  8. No auto tune for Mr Jackman.
  9. So WIR 2 seems to be ignoring its video game roots and forcing in Disney Princesses, Star Wars stuff and possible Marvel stuff ? I guess that solves the mystery why it got a green light for a sequel over Big Hero Six. . Poor Ralph, likely to be overshadowed in his own movie.
  10. Good Lord...The combined might of Iron man and Iron boy can't slow Diana down
  11. Oh man, the Illumination haters won't like the sound of that. The tears of the Illumination haters are the best though

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