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  1. IN
  2. In all seriousness, I respectfully disagree with your opinion.
  3. I think so. With its holds, It even has a shot of beating RO. TDK probably won't happen though...
  4. Ghost in the Shell... More like "nobody but ghosts want to see this movie... in the shell" EDIT: darn Coolio beat me to it.
  5. Anyways, I saw GO today with my friends. They were really freaked out at the end.
  6. It made like a banana and split
  7. 30 likes for the standard service. 60 if you want it wierd... 90 and we'll get out the toyz.
  8. You could definitely say it got "the touch"
  9. I have no life... SITCOM: Everybody Hates Ethan Premise: The kids at BOTville are trying to hook up Ethan with the super cool fly girls around the block. He tries to slay the girls with his knowledge of Monster Trucks, Logan's weekend multiplier, and GO's legs, but he just doesn't know how to talk to them properly. Although miraculously, Gokira has been downing in puss juice by saying that Rogue One was NOT AN EVENT and talked relentlessly about Kong bombing. Even worse, the big bad grownups at the nursing home are trying to spoil they're fun with some orange BANG, Dum Dum lollipops, and complaining about the Weinsteins. They don't have much time, since filmlover wants them back at nine for the daily Octavia Spencer savior ritual, so they must act fast or else! Cast List: Jesse Eisenberg as Ethan Hunt John DiMaggio as BKB Patrick Stewart as Tele JimParsons as WrathOfHan Seth McFarlane as DCasey Sylvester Stallone as Baumer Asa Butterfield as That One Guy Danny Glover/Ice Cube's son as YourMother Morgan Freeman as RTH Ben Affleck as CJohn Emma Stone as MrPink (bald) Tara Strong as Cannastop Ginnifer Goodwin as Fullbuster Coolio as Coolio Andy Serkis doing motion capture for The Panda Vin Diesel as Shayhiri Chris Pratt/Ryan Reynolds as Maxmoser Ralph Fiennes as James Batman as grim22 Jermaine Clement as AABATTERY Billy West as chrisman0606 Channing Tatum as Jayhawk Zack Galafinakis as ChipMunky Austin MacDonald as DAJK Hugh Laurie as Numbers Will Smith as Dothezelda101 Tom Cruise as Gokira Daisy Ridley as Rey Matt Damon as Mr. Pink's twin sister Daria as junkshop36 Confused white girl as Daxtreme Leader of the National Hate Moonlight Fan Club as Filmbuff Dog as MCKILLSWITCH123 John Marston as himself Sarah Michelle Gellar as f pro Mario Lopez as ACSlater Cinematography by Roger Deakins Written by Aaron Sorkin and M. Night Produced by Kevin Feige Directed by Christopher Nolan and Dennis Villeneuve Did I miss any?