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  1. Annabelle 2 will probably gross more than GOTG lmao. I'll never get why our people love horror so much, our local horror films being generally shit not withstanding. In other news, I'm curious about how Raditya Dika's (Basically the Indonesian Adam Sandler, only more tolerable) new movie is doing.
  2. With Avatar out of the way, Han Solo seemed to have a pretty clear way to top 2018 Dom. 1. Han Solo $525 million 2. Jurassic World 2 $480 million 3. Infinity War 1 $470 million 4. Incredibles 2 $450 million 5. Deadpool 2 $350 million 6. Black Panther $320 million 7/8. FB2/Mulan $240 million 9. Gigantic $230 million 10. Ralph Break the Internet $220 million Other possible $200 million grosser: Alita, Ready Player One, Mortal Engines, Animated Spider-Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Scooby-Doo.
  3. All this debates about movie structure are fun to read, tbh. I never noticed that most movies did that. Considering it worked the same for longer films, I suppose it worked the same for shorter (<90 minute) films too?
  4. Disaster and disastrous movies alike, it seemed. Caught Fan4stic last night in local channel... Wow is that thing terrible
  5. It's almost like TFA isn't the highest grossing film of all-time (unadjusted) in UK.
  6. Infinity War Part 1. After that, maybe Part 2 and Incredibles 2.
  7. I guess that'll be true with their better films (Sing, and Despicable Me films). The rest range from burn it with fire (Minions) to tolerable (The Lorax)
  8. Illumination will continue to do really well as long as there are still 5-10 years old in this world.
  9. Ditto on Voltron. It's also building up a lot of goodwill from it's fantastic new incarnation.
  10. All black star cast + Marvel = $$$ Still banking on this to pull a $300 million+ total.
  11. Fun and overall pretty solid flick. More than what I can say for Godzilla, but that's another matter entirely.
  12. Honestly, anyone expecting this to be more than a ScarJo action film with some pretentiousness thrown in (basically Lucy) is in for a disappointment, and this is coming from someone who loves the source material.
  13. Japan is going to eat this up, like, Japan loves: - Musical - Harry Potter - Fairy tales and Disney had been doing fantastic in Japan lately. $150 million from Japan is happening folks.
  14. Oops, for a second I forgot that Kong existed
  15. .... fuck, I'm actually excited for this.