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  1. i made a handy visual guide for those who aren't seeing it:
  2. My sources are telling me that DOM total is still on the table.
  3. I know you want those Slamma Jamma numbers as much as I do.
  4. Children are people though.
  5. This is what someone who faps in the theater would say. Wanker.
  6. isn't that the song she made about getting herself off or something
  7. Take 'em to Life. It needs a box office boost.
  8. This year it's been: 3 alone 8 with friends 4 with family
  9. Jaws vs. The Godfather Raiders of the Lost Ark vs. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back This one is haaaard.
  10. The main reason I get somewhat stressed out when going with other people is because the friend I go with most of the time is fucking terrible at gauging how much time it takes to get places. I've somewhat alleviated the issue though by telling him that the movie starts 10 minutes earlier than it actually does, so it's been pretty good lately.
  11. I mean, I generally try not to see shitty things. At this stage I have a pretty good grasp of what I'll probably like. Only exceptions lately have been BvS and Suicide Squad. BvS was still fun though because I went with other people and we could laugh at all the dumb stuff happening. Suicide Squad was pretty terrible all round though. I do regret that purchase.