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  1. I just realised this is only six months away here. Comes out on the 26th of October. someone move my club to main forum please
  2. Also I'm like 85% sure there's a bubble with Jeff Goldblum dancing in it during the credits. They had the rest of the cast dancing in bubbles to the side of the credits themselves in-between the post-credit bits. So keep your eyes peeled for that I guess.
  3. I actually some of that crowd doing a run or something through my university on Monday. They seemed to be having a good time.
  4. @Blankments is back with a vengeance.
  5. Grinch, sure. But I think you're the only person who really gives a shit about Animated Spider-Man lmao.
  6. James Gunn says Infinity Gauntlet isn't the title of the 4th one.
  7. Stallone did an interview about the MCU @baumer.
  8. How can you says it's more of the same without seeing it? I personally thought it was a pretty fresh direction for the MCU; it was very much a product of the director. It actually gives me more hope for their upcoming stuff if they let the other directors have their hands so clearly on the wheel as Gunn's were on this one.
  9. Mark Strong gets a big ol' knife. Hard to be disappointed when you get a money shot like this one.
  10. January 2nd - La La Land - 5/5 7th - The Edge of Seventeen - 4/5 7th - Arrival - 4.5/5 15th - Jackie - 4/5 22nd - Moonlight - 4.5/5 29th - Hidden Figures - 4/5 February 5th - Manchester by the Sea - 4.5/5 5th - Lion - 3.5/5 12th - Split - 3.5/5 19th - Silence - 4.5/5 21st - Patriot's Day - 3.5/5 March 3rd - Logan - 4.5/5 10th - Kong: Skull Island - 4/5 18th - Raiders of the Lost Ark (with live orchestra) - 5/5 22nd - Get Out - 4.5/5 April 2nd - The Lego Batman Movie - 3.5/5 5th - Beauty and the Beast - 3/5 15th - Fate of the Furious - 3/5 17th - Logan - 4.5/5 24th - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - 4/5 Total: 20