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  1. If you can copy the image url, you can paste it and insert it using the "insert other media" button on the bottom right of the edit box.
  2. Valerian: 24 6 $1,820,364-59.6% / -3,553 / $512$18,827,988 / 4 The Great Wall: 20 2 3$3,038,870$21,508,490-45.4% / -- / -3,326 / $914$6,467$21,508,490 / 4 (Ignore the fact that The Great Wall opened on a holiday weekend)
  3. Plus a Christmas release tends to behave very differently to a mid-November release.
  4. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    500 words is nothing though.
  5. Was on the train before and was busy for a bit, but to expand on this it is very unlikely. I doubt it can even make the top 10. Per Rth, this the top 10: all Time 1-Avatar 17,367,465 2-TFA 14,630,909 3-FOTR 14,609,037 4-ROTK 13,619,235 5-Titanic 12,967,660 6-HFTWP 12,200,238 7-TT 12,138,081 8-AUJ 11,593,367 9-Shrek2 10,858,814 10-DOS 9,418,868 (Taika's Boy is #11) Avengers is in the top 15 (made about NZD8.8M) while Ultron and Iron Man 3 are quite a bit lower, both made roughly ~NZD6.5M. If they reallllly play up Taika's involvement it has a shot of matching those two but we seem to be a narcissistic bunch and Thor 3 doesn't seem quite New Zealand (or James Cameron) enough to break into that top 10. Maybe if they filmed it in New Zealand it would do more
  6. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    Can confirm this. Your reviews are so spicy they burnt out my eyes.

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