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This is a post that I've been thinking about for awhile. Recently, I opened up the discussion to other members of the staff to get their feelings on the matter, and their opinions generally matched mine, which is this:

Within the last year or so, there's been a steady increase of negative posts in movie threads. We've always had some heated discussions for some movies, but recently things have not only gotten more histrionic in those threads (generally speaking, the CBM ones), but they've started to spread to other franchises and other movies as well. I'm not talking about out-and-out trolling, I'm talking about members feeling they have to consistently shit on a movie (or studio, or star) simply because they aren't interested in the current project or projects. With every piece of news about a movie, it's now a virtual guarantee that there's a flood of people rushing to say they think it sucks, they don't like the current trailer/tv spot/actor/actress/director/concept. And I get it -- we all have movies we don't like, movies which we think are bad ideas, industry people that just don't appeal to us. But there's a fine line between expressing your opinion about this and doing it so often, with such consistency, that the collective emphasis of all of it basically brings down the entire thread and thus the entire forum.

There's no easy answer to this. We don't want to crush freedom of expression here. But at the same time, the spirit of this forum is for people to have fun talking about the movies they love and the box-office runs they love.

To have fun.

And while it may be fun -- in a sense -- to personally vent about a movie, or to vent at people who dare to enjoy something you don't, it doesn't bring fun to our community. In fact, it generally drags down the overall fun for everyone else. We've had people repeatedly mention to us over the last several months or so that in some cases they don't even bother going into some threads -- even for movies they're curious about! -- because they just don't want to deal with the overall mess those threads contain. And frankly, that matches the personal opinion of most of the staff as well.

So this post is both a request and a warning. 

The request: Next time you feel like taking a dump on a movie (or a topic) for the dozenth time, take a moment to consider whether it's really worth it. People probably already have a good idea of what your attitude about the project is. Maybe just put your posting energy into a movie that you enjoy and love or are excited about.

The warning: The staff is going to be taking a closer look at some of these threads and we'll be more active with temp thread-bans if we think it'll help the overall vibe of the forum. I'd rather we don't have to, but it's not going to constrain any of you too much if you aren't allowed to post about a movie you supposedly don't care about anyway.

Remember the words of Bill and Ted: "Be Excellent to Each Other".

They're just movies, guys. It's about having fun.

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  1. I think so too. It should do better in countries like Japan where comic book movies seem to stall out around $10-20M. Could be huge in other Asian countries. I think it has a great shot at being the top grossing comic book movie WW in 2017.
  2. A negatively received Spider-Man movie (ASM 2) made 200+ DOM and 500+ OS. Based on merchandising, Spider-Man is still the most popular comic book character in the world. I think a well received movie with Iron Man should have no problem reaching 300+ DOM. The opening will be huge. This movie has a great chance of reaching 1 billion if everything lines up right. Could easily outgross GOTGv2. I have it around 340-350M DOM right now.
  3. I've read the book and highly recommend it. The subject matter is disturbing but a must read to get a clear picture of the horrors of American slavery.
  4. This sucks because I was excited to this movie. Dude sounds like a scary asshole. If Denzel Washington's "Fences" is any good, I fully expect that movie to quietly push this movie to the background as one of the the Oscar favorites.
  5. I think the biggest issue with Civil War is that even if you're a huge Marvel fan, you could easily skip it and wait for home video. CW is like a TV mid-season finale, not a season ending finale. I think it may make sense for Marvel to do a soft reboot after IW to make MCU future movies more GA friendly in Phase 4.
  6. Looks great. It was always in my mind with Vader a lock for 500M+. If it delivers, 600M+ should be no problem.
  7. I'm not a huge Trekkie or anything like that but did enjoy ST '09 and ST:ID. When STB teaser had Sabotage in it, I was immediately turned off. It just came off as desperate. After that, I had no real desire to watch the movie. I'll catch it on Blu-ray in a few months.
  8. I think its because comic book movies tend to have inflated trailer views, social media activity and pre-sales compared to other genres. With the pre-sales and social media actvity seemingly always improving over the previomy comic book movie, it always leads to unrealistic expectations of BO performance. Even with good reviews, I think SS was always destined to be frontloaded. Poteintally bad WOM just makes it worse.
  9. Wow, that's laughably awful... It can't be true. May redefine what a frontloaded OW looks like. Tele may now win the under 135M OW bet.
  10. Loved Gremlins. It's a very intense to kids but in a twisted and funny way. Very harmless at the end. Way more edgier than the blockbusters of today. It's even more scarier than some of today's horror movies. Everything about the movie was awesome. I even wanted that pink corvette toy for Christmas. Great list Baumer, enjoyed it all the way through!
  11. Like Tele said it was the only movie out there like that at the time. It's basically the template for the modern blockbuster plus the toys, merchandising and music. Plus up until that time, the only good superhero movies were the Superman movies. It wasn't trying to live up to anything but be entertaining. As for OS, the markets were not developed enough for movies to do big business like today. It's not fair to compare it to today's movies.
  12. It was massive. Everyone was wearing Batman stuff. The term Bat-Mania was used all summer. You were the cool kid if you wore a Batman T-Shirt. lol The rest of the movies were massive but in a different way. It's hard to explain. It's probably the difference between Star Wars in 1978 to Force Awakens. Force Awakens was massive but not in the same way as the original movie. There's a been there done that type of thing.