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  1. WW is one of the most iconic and famous superheroes ever. I imagine CBM fans of both genders will show up en masse.
  2. I'm wavering. Maybe something like a cut-off from 2000-onwards, in terms of our lists.
  3. Not to drift away from travel technology, but this article is sensational and worth reading for anyone who's ever fancied themselves an artist in any way. A lot of truth here, as I see it.
  4. This is an entirely different argument and I'm all for building high-speed rail all over the place (though the political and actual capital for such projects is completely lacking right now). I was talking about this time right now: the option of flying versus train isn't even an option for pretty much everyone in almost every situation. Right now. Maybe in a few decades Musk's hyperloop concept will have taken off and we'll have something approaching decent high-speed rail -- at least in terms of regional hubs.
  5. This actually feels like what they do, most of the time. There are exceptions on a personal level, in terms of employees.
  6. I've actually never flown first-class. Would like to at some point, simply can't afford it. And to me the concept of treating all passengers with a minimum of respect seems like basic business sense. On a semi-related note, I know the airlines need to be profitable and I know margins are razor thin, but I'd rather just get the lump price up front instead of getting dicked around with all these minor fees.
  7. This is fundamentally such a non-American concept (I understand you're not an American). I don't think that option is remotely conceivable to almost anyone here unless they have no other option. Most people would rather drive. Our entire current civilization here is based on being able to get across fairly large distances within a reasonable amount of time. You could argue that perhaps we should not expect such things, but you can't arbitrarily wipe out 100 years of how our cities and economies have developed.
  8. But this isn't the flight, it's pre-flight. Of course the pilot should have control over all aspects of the flight, but I bet they'd rather not get involved with who's getting kicked off in the first place. If I'm a paying customer and I've abided by all the rules up to that point, I have a reasonable expectation for the service I paid for, which includes the right to "voluntarily" decline. It's United's problem to handle, and while I may or may not choose to help them by giving up my seat, it's MY choice.
  9. Doesn't really apply when they want to throw you off just so a company employee can take your seat, though.
  10. IMDB is not particularly accurate because they just put year screened, whether for a festival or otherwise. That isn't an issue for WINGS OF DESIRE, but we've been going off US release date in general and it seems odd to change it up now. I'm willing to listen to arguments, though.
  11. TOP 15 ETC PREDICTION TEMPLATE Below is a helpful template to use for making predictions. All Players who use this template for their predictions will receive 10,000 bonus points for making my life easier when I have to score everything at the end of the game. A: Domestic top 15: 1) Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 - 325m 2) Wonder Woman - 305m 3) Despicable Me - 295m 4) Spider-Man: Homecoming - 265m 5) Transformers: The Last Knight - 202m 6) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - 198m 7) War for the Planet of the Apes - 196m 8) Cars 3 - 188m 9) The Mummy - 148m 10) Dunkirk - 144m 11) Baywatch - 138m 12) Alien: Covenant - 122m 13) All Eyez on Me - 106m 14) Annabelle 2 - 98m 15) Snatched - 90m B: Top 7 Domestic OW: 1) Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 - 130m 2) Wonder Woman - 115m 3) Despicable Me - 95m 4) Transformers: The Last Knight - 81m 5) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - 72m 6) War for the Planet of the Apes - 70m 7) Cars 3 - 58m C: Worldwide top 10: 1) Transformers: The Last Knight - 987m 2) Despicable Me 3 - 935m 3) Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 - 905m 4) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - 873m 5) Spider-Man: Homecoming - 830m 6) Wonder Woman - 735m 7) War for the Planet of the Apes - 691m 8) Cars 3 - 558m 9) The Mummy - 528m 10) Dunkirk - 444m D: China: 1) Transformers: The Last Knight - 300m 2) Spider-Man: Homecoming - 135m 3) Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 - 130m 4) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - 125m 5) The Mummy - 110m 6) War for the Planet of the Apes - 105m 7) Wonder Woman - 80m E: No More Heroes: South Korea - Transformers 5: The Last Knight Russia - Transformers 5: The Last Knight Brazil - Despicable Me 3 Mexico - Despicable Me 3 Australia - Despicable Me 3 Italy - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales F: Total Grosses: Top 15 Dom) $2,855m Top 7 W/E) $669m Top 10 WW) $7,542m RFQ1: Predict which film will finish closest to each of the following milestones domestically by the end of the game: A: 100M - Annabelle 2 B: 200M - Cars 3 C: 300M - Despicable Me 3 D: 400M - Guardians of the Galaxy 2 E: 500M - Guardians of the Galaxy 2 RFQ2: Predict which film will finish closest to each of the following milestones Worldwide by the end of the game: A: $1.5B - Transformers: The Last Knight B: $1B - Transformers: The Last Knight C: 800M - Spider-Man: Homecoming D: 600M - Cars 3 E: 400M - King Arthur RFQ3: Predict the top grossing film of each month: A: April (28th releases only) - The Circle B: May - Guardians of the Galaxy 2 C: June - Wonder Woman D: July - Spider-Man: Homecoming E: August - Annabelle 2 CHASMMI’S 15 1) Tell me which of these will be the highest grossing film of the summer domestically: 1) King Arthur 2) Alien Covenant 3) The Mummy 4) Dunkirk 2) Tell me which of these will be the lowest grossing film of the summer domestically: 1) Snatched 2) The House 3) Annabelle 2 4) Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Something Something Blah Blah Blah 3) Will at least 3 films make more than 300M domestically by the end of the game? NO 4) Will at least 3 films make more than $1.1B worldwide? NO 5) Will at least 3 films make more than 120M OW domestic? NO 6) Would at least 4 of the March 2017 releases have made it into the Domestic top 15 for the summer game if their runs had been eligible (So if I made a combined top 10 list of the summer Game releases and the March releases, would 4 or more be from March?) YES 7) Will at least 3 sequels, prequels, reboots or anything similar go on to be the highest grossing in their franchise domestic (A film must make at least $20M to qualify)? YES 8) Will at 3 sequels, prequels, reboots or anything similar go on to drop more than 60% domestically from its previous franchise installment? (For this question purpose: Spiderman Homecoming is following ASM2, Despicable Me follows Minions, Wonder Woman follows Suicide Squad, Annabelle 2 follows Conjuring 2, I can’t think of any more that aren’t obvious right now) NO 9) Will any film in the top 15 have a multiplier below 2.3? NO 10)Will Sci-Fi films (anything that BOM lists as Sci-fi or XXX/Sci-fi [so that means GOTG2 for example is not Sci-fi for this question) combine to make more than 700M domestically by the end of the game? NO 11) Will the domestic top 8 make more than $1B combined in China? YES 12) Will at least three out of Luc Besson, Christopher Nolan, Michael Bay, Ridley Scott and Edgar Wright have their highest grossing film not involving Batman or Transformers this summer (obviously with Michael Bay I mean will his 5thTransformers film outgross every non-transformers film he has done?) NO 13) Will Warner Bros have exactly 3 films in the top 15 domestic this summer? ABSTAIN 14) Will a film finish in the top 10 WW, but fail to make the top 15 domestic? NO 15) Will any film spend 3 weeks at number one domestic this summer? ABSTAIN JJ8's 14 Q1) Comic Book Adaptions Domestic vs International Grosses (4 films, 8 grosses - positions only) (5k Correct, -3k incorrect) GOTG OS Spider-Man: Homecoming OS Wonder Woman OS GOTG2 Domestic Wonder Woman Domestic Valerian OS Spider-Man: Homecoming Domestic Valerian Domestic Q2) Will Wonder Woman be the #1 opening weekend of the comic book adaptions this summer (Domestically)? ABSTAIN Q3) The current top 6 "All Time May Open Weekends" (Domestically) occurred on the 1st weekend of the month (in the respective year). In what position will Guardian's of the Galaxy Vol. 2 open in (in the top 6)? (If you don't think it will open in the top 6 then put 7th - remember 6th is Iron Man 2 @ 128m)? ABSTAIN Q4) Will Wonder Woman collapse in it's second weekend with a greater than 60% drop like the 2 previous DC Extended Universe Films (Domestic)? NO Q5) Will the total of all the Marvel films make more than double the DC films this summer (Domestic only)? ABSTAIN Q6) Will Valerian's final total (domestic gross) be less than all of the opening weekends of the other 3 films (Domestic)? YES Q7) Will the total gross of ALL Comic Book adaptions this summer make less than 850m (Domestic)? NO Q8) Will any of the Comic Book Adaptions make 200m or more internationally than the domestic gross? YES Q9) Will a Comic Book Adaption make more than 1 billion worldwide this summer? ABSTAIN Q10) Will a Comic Book Adaption be the #1 film overall (and it must be released during the game) in ANY of the following markets - United Kingdom, Australia, or China (only 1 is needed) ? NO Q11) Will at least 3 weekends during the summer be led by an animated film (Domestic only)? ABSTAIN Q12) Will less than 4 animated films make the top 15 films this summer domestically? YES Q13) Both Pirates & Transformers are up to the 5th Film. the 4th film in both Franchises made more than 1 billion worldwide. Can the 5th film in both franchises repeat this performance? NO Q14) Will a film released domestically make more in an International Market (must be a single market such as China, United Kindom, etc) this summer (Both markets must release during the game and be elegible for the top 15 domestic - ie. as per the list of films Chasmmi has posted) ? YES DO NOT ALTER THE TEMPLATE! JUST ADD IN YOUR ANSWERS AS REQUIRED. FOLLOWING THIS ONE SIMPLE INSTRUCTION WILL LAND YOU 20,000 BONUS POINTS
  12. Attention Premium and Gold members, we currently have a tie for the May 2017 background. If you haven't voted, or if you wish to change your vote, make sure you do it in the next few days!