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  1. @Olive Was wednesday a holiday of some kind (or discount day)? Because the admissions today are about 1/2 what they were yesterday. Also, what is Your Name. up to nowadays?
  2. I'm currently thinking that FF8 will overtake BATB worldwide briefly, and then over time Japan's run will carry BATB over FF8. Main reason is that BATB has legs, especially in Japan, whereas FF8 is a front-loaded film.
  3. At least £90, as me and 8 friends are going to watch it this Saturday evening! We're all uni students and the cinema we're going to is normally very quiet, but our Saturday evening showing is busier than normal. (Certainly not BatB-busy, but I would definitely say teens for 4-day are likely)
  4. Beauty and the Beast Monday: 108,101 admissions from two-thirds of the market. Approx 150k adm. and roughly 220M yen ($2.1m) for a 1.6B yen ($14.64m) 4-day total. Updated thanks to Olive
  5. Well its total admissions for Saturday (2/3 market) was 262,671, and currently Sunday has 261,322. So although it will technically be 'down' it is close enough that you can just call it flat in terms of admissions. (currently down 0.5%)
  6. Even though its admissions are ahead of Saturday? is Sunday more family oriented driving down the ticket price?
  7. My thoughts are that Disney are trying to play tactical. They know that Episode 9 is 100% guaranteed to be much bigger than Han Solo, so I believe the idea of moving Solo to May is that fans have to wait longer for the next star wars movie. I.e. if they were just every Christmas, it might seem a bit too regulated. So move Solo to May and now people have a Christmas off, meaning that when EP9 comes round 1.5 years after Solo, people are hungry for the new star wars, allowing them to further hype the "last in the trilogy". I feel I've explained this very badly, but it's just my theory, that essentially it's a marketing ploy.
  8. Thank you very much! So it's at roughly 600M yen, depending on whether it skews older/younger than expected.
  9. ohhhhh and the bracket is the percentage of seat reported? So how can I go from tickets sold (261.7k) to Yen? Is there anyway to get average ticket price, or do we have to wait for corpse?
  10. How accurate is, because it currently says 660M at 23:06? And that sounds excellent! so 1.3B yen x10 + Friday is about 13.5B yen = $123m!
  11. According to which @Olive used earlier... At 22:23: Beauty and the Beast at 259,609 admissions, or rather 654M yen. As Olive said before, evening shows are strong with this one!
  12. Not quite, here are the top 10 Mondays for Domestic: 1 Star Wars: The Force Awakens BV $40,109,742 4,134 $9,702 12/21/15 4 $288.1 $936.7 2 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story BV $32,085,637 4,157 $7,718 12/26/16 11 $318.1 $532.1 3 Star Wars: The Force Awakens BV $31,362,029 4,134 $7,586 12/28/15 11 $571.4 $936.7 4 Spider-Man 2 Sony $27,661,137 4,152 $6,662 7/05/04 6 $180.1 $373.6 5 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Par. $26,779,538 4,260 $6,286 5/26/08 5 $152.0 $317.1 6 Jurassic World Uni. $25,344,820 4,274 $5,930 6/15/15 4 $234.2 $652.3 7 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End BV $25,069,370 4,362 $5,747 5/28/07 4 $153.0 $309.4 8 The Dark Knight WB $24,493,313 4,366 $5,610 7/21/08 4 $182.9 $533.3 9 Shrek 2 DW $23,408,002 4,223 $5,543 5/31/04 13 $260.3 $441.2 10 X-Men: The Last Stand Fox $20,110,492 3,690 $5,450 5/29/06 4 $122.9 $234.4 Now, 2 and 3 were after Christmas Weekend, 4 was after the 4th of July holiday weekend, 5, 7, 9, 10 were all after Memorial Day weekend. So the three that are allowed for your "after a non-holiday weekend" are TFA at $40.1m, JW at $25.3m and TDK at $24.5m. So although the $22m for FF8 is very good, it's not quite record breaking thanks to TFA. The only argument you can make, is that TFA had Christmas weekdays and both JW and TDK had summer weekdays. EDIT: If you were even more specific that summer/christmas weekdays were not allowed, then the top 3 are actually BvS with $15.0m, Furious 7 with $14.0m (This was Easter Weekend) and BatB with $13.5m. And yes, in that specific case the $22m+ from FF8 in China seems record-smashing.
  13. [ 0 days+ 0.0 hours] The Fate of the Furious Midnight: 61.02m (+129.7%) - 17.9k shows Fri: 158.63m (+52.5%) - 149k shows Sat: 74.73m (+43.4%) - 129k shows
  14. [ 0 days + 1.5 hours] The Fate of the Furious Midnight: 54.05m (+103.4%) - 17,427 shows Fri: 151.16m (+45.4%) - 148,677 shows Sat: 71.43m (+37.0%) - 127,506 shows Presales: MN at 4.0m per hour OD at 5.0m per hour Sat at 2.0m per hour Shows: MN at 500 per hour OD at 800 per hour Sat at 1500 per hour
  15. [ 0 days+ 2.5 hours] The Fate of the Furious Midnight: 50.21m (+88.97%) - 16,918 shows Fri: 145.63m (+40.0%) - 147,899 shows Sat: 69.44m (+33.2%) - 126,084 shows Sun: 25.85m - 106,564 shows MN at 3m per hour, OD at 5.3m per hour. MN added 800 shows per hour, OD 1.6k shows per hour.