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  1. 780-800M is The range now for me. What is your problem?
  2. Oh my good. You dont understand The cinema. Plot Only 2 good actors cgi is a mess third act villain dialogue ecc ecc yes the best superhero movie Ever Made LOOOOL
  3. I dont know people like this film... bah
  4. USA: 300/310M + OS: 490/520M
  5. Elsewhere, Spidey was hanging out in 63 overseas markets, adding $72.3Mto bring the offshore cume to $261.1M. The Sony/Marvel superhero reboot has snared Korea in its web with the local cume now $42.2M, to make it the biggest franchise entry ever and the market’s top U.S. release of the year.
  6. For me: $850M is the max for this film in this moment

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