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  1. It's a possibility, but I'd be curious to know how they could keep such a thing hidden.
  2. Considering that Godzilla and Interstellar were the last Legendary Pictures films to make money, this doesn't shock me. Hopefully Mary Parent steers this company in the right direction.
  3. They have a year and nine days to put this in a watchable format and show it in theaters? I'm expecting it to be pushed back.
  4. The only reason Get Out didn't make my list was because of the very off-putting, awkward trailer. I couldn't take it seriously. It feels more like an offbeat comedy than a horror film.
  5. The only horror films I'm interested in seeing this year are: Split A Cure for Wellness The Belko Experiment Alien: Covenant It My list is quite short this year. Not a lot of intriguing films.
  6. I never listen to the people who are involved with the film, nor do I pay attention to celebrities who are given free screenings. I listen to what the Everyman says once its in theaters. Sometimes I make judgment calls before the movie comes out....which I've been doing for the last three months.
  7. It's not even February yet. I think that's when they're going to unleash the marketing beast. Either that or late January. At least, that's how they did it when they were building up to Godzilla's release in late March and throughout April.
  8. Yeah. It could be enhanced with CGI later. We just don't know enough yet. Granted, that wasn't the case with the suits from Pacific Rim. But different personnel are creating the film, so anything is possible.
  9. That story still cracks me up. It almost makes me want to know what the monster looked like before it was re-designed. The description just doesn't do it justice.
  10. I predict that this will fare about as well as Morgan (2016).
  11. Upon being asked by Slash Film about being in Pacific Rim: Uprising on Twitter, Karl Urban posted this: As you can see now, the Instagram post has been removed. I think those names weren't supposed to be made known yet.
  12. Well, that's because it takes place in the 1970's (the 20th century). The 70's were a period when some areas of the world were still unknown. LANDSAT was first introduced in the early 1970's, and Jordan Vogt-Roberts took advantage of that information. Source.
  13. What I got from his statement is that he is proud that he entertained doctors and nurses overseas. Did it sound self-indulgent? Somewhat, but I don't think he meant for it to be construed as such. I agree that it could have been worded more elegantly. But everyone who freaked out about it needs to get a grip.