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  1. I just remember crude humor. Nothing special, really.
  2. For me, it had less to do with Venom and more to do with its host, Eddie Brock. The man was originally out for revenge on Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Then he wanted to become a hero, all while dealing with the troubles that the symbiote (the alien that IS Venom) gave him. This cycle of being the villain, to being a "hero," to becoming an anti-hero is what made him interesting to me. But he no longer has the Venom symbiote, and Eddie took a backseat to Mac Gargan (previously known as The Scorpion) and then the symbiote found its way to Flash Thompson. Neither of those characters had the depth of Eddie Brock.
  3. The only reason why I'm concerned is because of the people in charge of bringing it to reality (Arad and Tolmach).
  4. What I meant was no gore. I suppose certain elements of the Alien franchise would be cool, but Venom isn't supposed to be horror material. He's a Spider-Man villain after all. It'll feel weird.
  5. Power Rangers March 23rd, 2017, 7:15 PM, 50% full Marquee Cinemas Southridge 12 | Charleston, WV The theater lobby was pretty packed, which is nice to see. I suspect there were many people there for Beauty and the Beast, because there were a notable number of girls. Trailers: Captain Underpants - Lots of laughter from the kids. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - There was this one kid who I suspect was mentally challenged. He seemed to really enjoy this trailer for some reason. Boss Baby - Again, laughter from children. Ghost in the Shell - No response. Transformers: The Last Knight - Again, mentally challenged kid from before seemed to really enjoy the explosiveness of this trailer. The kids enjoyed it, and even some people my age laughed at the content, but I noticed that some of the jokes made people cringe. CHiPs March 25th, 2017, 12:30 PM, 5% full (120 seat room) Park Place Stadium Cinema | Charleston, WV Only seven people showed up to see this movie (myself included). I went with three friends. Only three other people were with us. Trailers: (Only one.) Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul - No reaction. I also don't think the trailer was appropriate for a movie like CHiPs. Everyone appeared to think it was a waste of time. Nobody laughed at any point. NOBODY. The movie seemed to suck the energy out of the room.
  6. Apparently the movie is being listed as an "Action/Horror/Science Fiction" film on My Entertainment World. Assuming that it does have horror elements, I would hope that they are tame and not unusual.
  7. Got convinced by a few friends to go see this. Didn't have plans to see it. Didn't think it would be good. But no. "NoobSaibot, you need to see more than giant monster movies and science fiction. Broaden your tastes!" So I went to see it. I hated it. We all hated it. The dialogue is irritating. Poor humor. Terrible editing. Cynical. Incredibly obnoxious. Adam Sandler's brand of comedy beats the shit out of this time waster. Seriously, fuck this movie. I've never been so pissed off about being dragged to a movie since Alone in the Dark (a Uwe Boll film). It's not even an adaptation of the thing it's based on. Deer piss humor is all you'll find here. I'm not surprised WB put it in a loaded March 24th release date slot. They knew it was a loser from the beginning. Did not laugh. Did not have fun. Again, fuck this movie. It's TERRIBLE.
  8. I'm not betting on that. Its OS legs seem worse than Godzilla's. We'll have to see how things pan out during the weekend.
  9. Broke my word. Bored. Recovered from the flu. Nobody around. So I went to see it. Needless to say, it went just about as well as I expected. I didn't like the style of the film, nor was I wowed by the special effects. The humor had people cringing (I also had a hard time finding reasons to laugh). But I did appreciate the attempt at developing the characters, however bare bones it was. And I'm observing it as its own thing without judging it based on the first Power Rangers television series. It just wasn't good, and I should have done what I said I'd do months ago: Redbox it. Not worth the $9.25 I paid for a ticket. That being said, I'm pretty sure a lot of you will find reasons to enjoy it. I personally couldn't. Logan and Kong: Skull Island were far more enjoyable films. By the way, there was a post-credits scene I didn't know about. Did not stick around for it.
  10. I actually like Black Cat, so hopefully if it does get made they'll do the character justice. It could be something to look forward to. That's more than I can say for fucking Venom.
  11. I am thinking the same thing. It probably helps since Power Rangers is known for its cheesiness and lack of seriousness.
  12. I decided to bump this topic out from the murky depths of the message boards because an announcement was made today by Hideaki Anno, one of the directors of Shin Godzilla. This occurred at the Shin Godzilla vs. Evangelion Symphony in Shibuya. He pretty much confirmed that another Evangelion film is being made, as well as a sequel to Shin Godzilla.
  13. Since I've been sick (again), I haven't slept in more than 24 hours, and I've drank 10 bottles of water. This. Sucks.
  14. I personally don't care about "nostalgia." I care more about quality over "comfort." For me, nostalgia doesn't bring back the true feelings I had about something during a specific time and place. Nobody can capture lightning in a bottle twice. I'm not referring to box office totals, either. I'm talking about those primal, sentimental senses and experiences from the past. They're gone. So I look forward to new things. If it's great, then it works out. If not, then I'll forget about it tomorrow unless it's REALLY bad.
  15. I expect it to make more than Pacific Rim due to Kong's name recognition, but just by how much I'm not certain.