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  1. Crowd Reports Thread

    Annabelle: Creation August 10th, 9:45 PM, 40% full Regal Nitro Stadium 12 | Nitro, WV The crowd was mostly boring. Trailers Murder On the Orient Express - No reactions. Logan Lucky - Some laughter. Mother! - Some whispers. Flatliners - No reactions. It (Preview) - Sighs and one "Really?" during and after the preview. Jigsaw - No reactions. Nobody responded especially well to the film, but a few people were surprised by the jump scares. It was an alright horror film that didn't really try anything different.
  2. It would make sense to me if this preview hadn't played in front of an R-rated horror film. I thought the tension in the preview was fantastic.
  3. I wish I was in your all's areas. All I got were sighs and one "Really?" during and after the 4 minute preview. People are dull as shit where I live. Regardless of what the simps in this area think, I'm sold and it'll be an opening night view for me.
  4. Saw a 9:45 PM showing. It was okay. If I had to give a letter grade it would be B-. It tries some interesting things, but still feels like an average horror film. You could compare it to most horror films in this decade, and there's very little you see in this that hasn't been explored in other horror films already. The team behind this played a little too safe, I think.
  5. I know, old post is old, but Kingp0va has a lot going in their favor with their prediction. American adaptations of Japanese fiction usually don't fare well at the box office. Notable exceptions to this are The Ring (2002), The Grudge series (2004-2009), and more recently, Godzilla (2014). However, nearly all anime adaptations have sucked money out of studios' wallets with little to no return on their investment. I'm with Kingp0va--this is going to tank.
  6. As a nonbeliever, I'm still probably going to see this with my brother on the weekend it opens. Religious symbolism in film is like sprinkles on cupcakes. They're barely noticeable with everything else.
  7. I've seen many of them. Just not in movie theaters. Redbox is usually where I go to watch a film. This year and last are exceptions.
  8. Friend saw a Thursday screening last night. According to him, the other three people in the theater left in the middle of the film. I've never heard of something like that happening. I wonder if it could really be that bad...
  9. I'm referring to the low-key marketing and how nobody knew that another Cloverfield film was coming. Not the plot.
  10. This. 10 Cloverfield Lane was so successful as a sequel because nobody saw it coming, and its trailer debuted two months prior to its release. But I would be curious to see how God Particle does if they decide to ditch that unexpected element.
  11. And we don't need to be reminded 10 times. Yeah, Godzilla had terrible legs after it's opening weekend. We know this. No need to continue repeating it.
  12. Perhaps he simply wants to do something different after 40+ years in the industry? I'd be up for something different if I had a career as illustrious as his.
  13. All I can say is that if it isn't done correctly this time, the film can kiss its box office chances goodbye. Dougherty has said that Godzilla is getting much more screentime, though. I hope that's enough to repair the damage this time.

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