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  1. The BFG and Tintin were harder sells due to their source material, RPO is going to do better business simply because it's based on a best selling novel and it has a cool concept
  2. I'm shocked we didn't get a Tomb Raider trailer.
  3. Surprised they managed to get the Skrulls as I thought they were under Fantastic Four territory unless Marvel managed to get the rights to use them from Fox.
  4. I think it's another solid trailer, despite what the critical reception may be, it's going to have a huge OW, probably will break the November OW record
  5. If you can't make it to the BFI, The Science Museum are the only other IMAX 70mm cinema in London or see it at Cineworld LS in IMAX with Laser.
  6. I know the likes of Nolan and Tarantino bemoan the death of film projection but TBH having watched 35mm prints of films like The Departed or Goodfellas where they looked a bit crappy, I think digital has its benefits especially as the technology is getting better.
  7. The sound for Dunkirk really added to the experience combined with the fantastic image quality. Even the ads and trailers looked fantastic.
  8. Laser IMAX is incredible, I saw Dunkirk today in that format and it's a very close second to IMAX 70mm.
  9. I going to say Out but I think $220-250m is very likely. $300m would need a big OW and strong legs. I'm thinking $75-80m OW for $220-250m

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