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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if we get DC films in mid November in the odd years and the remaining four Fantastic Beasts films in the even years though I could see Fantastic Beasts 4 and 5 scheduled like either like the last Potter films or they have them released a year apart. That mid November slot is just going to be Warner Bros films for the foreseeable future.
  2. I wonder if Warner Bros is debuting a new logo soon? I noticed it wasn't the usual WB logo with Justice League.
  3. Given the highest OW for a November release is $158m for Catching Fire, JL has a shot of breaking the record even if it does slightly less than BvS' OW. Cyborg looks okay, I do wonder if he well received, he might see a solo film or maybe a Metal Men film as WB has had that in development for a long time.
  4. I wonder if we'll get a trailer with Dunkirk or will they save it for Comic Con which is the same weekend or the weekend after
  5. They might be saving him for later but given he's meant to be dead, showing he's alive which is probably the climax of the film probably isn't a good idea
  6. I suppose Lionsgate's local distributors understand for every hit like a La La Land, there will be at least one or two flops like a Gods of Egypt or Power Rangers but those distributors acquire films from other studios or companies since Lionsgate and Summit don't make that many films per year.
  7. This is true but I imagine if PR is a flop for their local partners then it's not going to be good either way.
  8. Breaking even isn't great but Lionsgate won't lose money but it makes a sequel unlikely.
  9. He was great in his small role in Fantastic Beasts. He came across really well at Comic Con last year.
  10. I think it's better to focus on the main five then use Superman later on although we don't know what capacity he has in the film so maybe they're saving him for later trailers..
  11. I imagine they're saving Superman for later in the marketing, it's not really a spoiler as he's listed in the cast
  12. It's a bit strange Lionsgate has a UK arm but nowhere else, Amblin Partners films are distributed by Universal in the US and Mister Smith Entertainment who sublet rights to local distributors like eOne apart from films like Ghost in the Shell or Bridge of Spies which are distributed by the studio who co-produced it. Co-financiers have existed for a long time but we've seen the rise of the likes of Legendary, Ratpac, Annapurna, Skydance etc who co-fund major titles. Village Roadshow has been around for a few decades and have co-financed some of Warner Bros' biggest hits and still are a major partner. The Potter and Fantastic Beasts as well as The Hobbit were some of the rare WB titles that didn't have co-financier though The Hobbit did have MGM as a partner.
  13. Batman: The Brave and the Bold had some great songs in it to me it's the best Batman animated series aside from Batman The Animated Series.
  14. Power Rangers should do okay but I think Lionsgate should be wary about a sequel because it would likely do worse business, I'll be curious to see if Boss Baby and Smurfs affect PR at all. It's rare for two kids movies to come within a week of each other. Next March looks slightly less busy but I imagine we'll see some solid numbers from Wreck it Ralph 2 and Ready Player One, the only question mark is Tomb Raider.