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  1. The guy who runs boxofficereport is a swell dude. Great contributor over at Fantasy Movie League and has way better weekend predictions than either ProBO or Mojo
  2. I think comparing GA feelings about movies to reddit of all places is a pretty silly way to gauge anything
  3. Even if it was double featured with Life, Life did not make nearly enough money to see Passengers increase by this much. Some major fudging going on here
  4. Tuesday increases were crazy for sure. Large part has to be some spillover effect from Beast; there's only so many showings from 5-10 pm. People probably went to something else if it was sold out
  5. 45% if schools were off that day. If we want to be technical, you're right, but not by much
  6. Drive in effect is pretty cool when the new film coming out is big enough. Not a lot of drive ins are. Open this week though. Usually not until May. This is the best example I've seen of the effect, see if you can guess the film
  7. I think deadline did a breakdown of it. More people are off this week than last, and this will be the most people off until the week of Good Friday
  8. So if I'm understanding correctly, are you saying the multiplier between AUS and USD is higher for opening weekend than for the whole run? Because a 6.75 OW for Logan in Australia gives you something closer to 60 million rather than anything near 80 if you use that 8-9:1 ratio
  9. Just from all the data here, this looks closer to Apocalypse/Antman rather than Dr strange
  10. Edit: Strange double post
  11. Yeah for me if the Wednesday is within 10-12% of the Monday, you're in a good spot. Get Out beat that
  12. I'm guessing you're not the type that likes a good story, colorful visuals, likable leads, great production design, and costumes. The latter two of which will probably get nominated for the Oscars next year
  13. Thanks tele. That's pretty awesome
  14. What metric is this? I'm fairly new and thought I'd ask lol