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  1. You know why? Because WB have lots of writers on the same project and don't give enough time for development. They end up having huge scripts that are cut down when editing. They film a lot of stuff. 4 hours assembly cut for BvS is insane. Jared Leto said he had one hour of footage cut from Suicide Squad. 5 different writers on the Flash movie till now. Look at Marvel. For example, Captain Marvel is in development for 3 years now with the same writers. It's all about the producing team behind it that will trust the people they hire and give good notes.
  2. Found this: Vesting of Rights: If you direct 100% of scheduled principal photography, you may not be replaced except for gross willful misconduct. (7-503) You must be given the opportunity to direct additional photography and retakes, and, if unavailable, you must have the opportunity to consult with the person who directs these. (7-1001) f you direct at least 90% of scheduled principal photography, you are entitled to all post-production creative rights, unless you were primarily responsible for the motion picture going over budget or your replacement directs more than 10% of all principal photography, no part of which was shot to defeat your rights. (7-503) Right To Be Present and To Consult Throughout Post-Production You must be notified of the date, time and place of each post-production operation. (7-506) The Producer must allow you to be present at all times and be consulted throughout the entire post-production period. You must have a reasonable opportunity to discuss the last version of the film before negative cutting or dubbing, whichever is first. (7-506) The Producer may not use the company’s scheduling authority or the post-production locale to undermine your creative rights. (7-506, 7-512) Additional Photography If you have directed 100% of the scheduled principal photography, you have the right to direct any additional scenes and retakes, subject only to your availability. If unavailable, you must be allowed to consult with the person who directs this photography. (7-1001)
  3. OK, good job people. You've been very articulate and more importantly - very patient with me. You convinced me. Learned something today.
  4. Are you arguing with WB? They credit Whedon. End of story. There's a guy from the Superherohype who said 25% or more. Can't ask him though. Don't have an account there.
  5. Both Gilroy and Edwards did the reshoots for Rogue One, because there was so much work to do. This info is from the interviews they did after the release. That's why Gilroy didn't get a directing credit. Let's say they reshot 30% of the movie. Gilroy reshot 15%. That's not enough for a directing credit. You need at least 25%, I believe.
  6. Depends. Is Justice League the first panel or last? You got Blade Runner, Ready Player One and Aquaman and those are the official ones. Maybe they'll announce a slate too. Anyway, 30-32 hours.
  7. Got more to do with Clay Enos than Zack Snyder when it comes to set pics. His stuff is clean. https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/15/63/e8/ottensam86065/640x640_11570038.jpg?1490911236
  8. Wonder Woman is losing screens this weekend.
  9. Credits are facts. WGA and DGA don't F around when it comes to this stuff. Unless Whedon gets credit from the union I'm not giving him credit.

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