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  1. BOM has updated OS gross of BATB to 289M and WW to 541M+. WW should be around 720-730M by Sunday, 1B WW is locked. My guess 1.25-1.3B WW.
  2. True, I just want a decent JL movie. Hopefully, I'll enjoy it much more so than BvS.
  3. Not a fan of the trailer. Editing and CGI looked off but I'll be there on OW, regardless.
  4. Few people that are complaining about BATB hold, remember after the 6th biggest OW, it's 2nd weekend will jump up to 4th biggest behind the holy trinity of SW7, JW and TA1. 3rd has a legitimate shot at 3rd biggest behind SW7 and Avatar. So far legs have been phenomenal and it has a good chance to finish in the uncharted territory of 550M+.
  5. Not necessarily true in Europe. With current ER DH2 would be around 750M OS.
  6. 1B is pretty much locked. Real question is can it beat DH2 WW for Watson highest grossing movie ever?
  7. Yeah, it's presales at your chain matched with CW and surpassed BvS so to say, you expected 80M OW is ridiculous. With where presales were plus family angle anything under 150M would be shocking.