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  1. MOTHER! under 60 dom club

    I'm pretty sure the primary reason this was moved from slow expansion during december to wide release in September is because they have faith in JLaw taking this to a 15-20m OW not because of the Venice premiere. If this movie had Emily Blunt, Brie Larson or even red-hot Emma Stone after her oscar win, they would try to follow the Black Swan strategy all the way through in hope of lightning striking twice.
  2. MOTHER! under 60 dom club

    Of course I'm in but you should make this at least an under 40m club. I think most reasonable expectations about this movie are in the 40-60m range, just a few people think that it ll do 100m just because Black Swan did it. And it will be a hit even if it makes just 40m DOM/80m WW.
  3. Still has Japan, Italy, China, Russia and a bunch of small markets to open. I have no idea how it 'll perform in any of them but 100m OS might happen. A massive success.
  4. Do these chinese blockbusters make any kind of sumbstantial gross in other asian markets? Maybe if it ends up around SW7's 900m+, other asian markets can carry it to the billion.
  5. Cavill-Hammer-Vikander were all very good in UNCLE and they had such a great chemistry, I wish the movie was a much smaller project in the first place, so it wouldn't have bombed and we would get sequels with them doing spy stuff around Europe.
  6. http://www.flixist.com/monday-movie-trivia-aronofsky-bought-perfect-blue-rights-205425.phtml
  7. JLaw's best performance for me is still Winter's Bone. Her, John Hawks, Dale Dickey were amazing in that little movie. I wonder why the director Debra Granik never got a bigger project after such a breakthrough. I think she was also very good both in SLP and as Katniss, especially in Catching Fire which was the best in that franchise. I think she's underwhelming only when the movie around her is underwhelming as well, and to be fair she's done her fair share of underwhelming movies recently. But Aronofsky is great with actors. She'll probably be good at mother! even if she doesn't get nominated left and right.
  8. Well that looks like an Aronofsky movie. Hell yeah!
  9. The Dark Knight

    I don't know what to say about this movie. I was mesmerized when I first watched it, then step back a little bit when the "best movie evah" hype got unbearable and starting pointing out all the "flaws" that prove it's not that perfect. But a decade later I just see it as monumental piece of work. Nolan envisioned this like a Michael Mann inspired crime drama and he built something spectacular. I think the most popular takedown opinion about TDK is that it's just a fine/mediocre/bad movie with an iconic performance that masks most of its many problems. Heath Ledger deserves all of the praise he gets and he is the most integral part of the whole movie, but I don't agree that the rest of the movie is mediocre or just fine. It isn't perfect, I think there's one or two better comic book movies and one or two better Nolan movies than TDK, but it's up there. Also as far as pop culture impact goes, every other movie of this young century comes a distant second to TDK, pretty much every other scene of the movie has become iconic. At last the most beautiful shot of Nolan's entire career.
  10. After all this crap, I hope they will release the trailer without sound. Make your own marketing campaign.
  11. The Prestige

    This is my favorite Nolan movie and I've watched it many many times over the years. At this point everytime I come back to it, I watch for every little wonderful placed detail, like the two distinct performances of Christian Bale, how they manage to hide the twist by putting it in front of us the whole time, how the narrative comes together to create a tragedy and so many more. I'll never get tired of it. Also the constant narrative tricks ands twists with unreliable narrators, the magician=filmmaker subtext, 2 dead wives and serious Bale x2 make it the nolaniest thing that ever nolaned. That's why it's the best.
  12. Batman Begins

    I've seen this movie many times over the years, and I remember not liking the third act. I didn't have a problem with it this time although it still feels a little rushed and the villains a little underdeveloped even if both Neeson and Murphy are really good in their roles. But I'm fine with at least one Batman movie that the villains don't overshadow the main character, and Bale is really good, the movie is all about him and he delivers. It's a really good origin story even if it doesn't look as radical today that it has became the blueprint for so many gritty reboots. But I don't think it's anywhere close to The Dark Knight. It feels like Nolan got to play around in the sandbox the studio built for him the first time, and then went on to make the movie he always wanted to do with this material in the 2nd. He wasn't the only one. Burton and Batman, Raimi and Spider-man, Singer and X-Men It feels to me that they all made the exact movie they wanted the second time around.
  13. Insomnia (2002)

    Pacino is good but the praise he gets for this to me feels a little exaggerated just because he isn't screaming the whole way through. He is good but I think Williams evil turn is more impactful. It was almost shocking back then, but even now the way his on screen persona colors his character gives much more to the movie than what's on paper. That said after rewatching, Hilary Swank is better than both of them in her supporting role. The movie in general is very well shot, well acted and even goes for some profundity about guilt, but in the end I think it's slightly less than the sum of it's many good parts. I haven't seen the original so I don't know how much close it was to the US procedural thrillers that were dime a dozen in that era(usually starring Ashley Judd) but Insomnia at times feels like a visualy prettier version of those films, many of which were fine, but I haven't bothered to rewatch since and probably never will.
  14. Memento (2000)

    It's amazing. I haven't watched it in a decade so it was a really rewarding experience. I remembered the bare bones of it but I had forgot a lot of important moments like the reveal of Carrie Ann Moss manipulating him. The script and especially the way it is structured is unreal. All the themes and character development are pretty much built in the unconventional structure and while you have the feeling that you 're in constant hurry to catch up with the movie's narrative the tragedy of this story creeps up on you. It's just perfect. Guy Pearce, Carrie Ann Moss and Joe Pantoliano are all mesmerizing in their roles and Nolan just really has the audience at the edge of their seat struggling to put the puzzle in place and in the end it all makes so much sense. The Prestige has been my pick for best Nolan movie for a long time, but I can see the case about Memento being his best. It's definately his best script.

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