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  1. Happy to see my club succeeding. So far I have two wins and two fails!
  2. Sure!
  3. A pretty good drop for Batb. Hope it reaches 500m because I have betted alot on casino..
  4. A terrorist attack just occured in France. 2 dead so far.. Awful news and could potentially affect the election on Sunday while the far right is already projected to pass in the 2nd round..
  5. Thats a fair excuse but it is better to include "domestically" because USA is like 1/20 of the world. Afterall, I am confident that 90% of the first movies gross came from the fan base anyway.
  6. Just a question; what would you call a huge franchise?? Because If 800m WW is not enough the standard becomes too high. After all it was WB's biggest success (earning wise) last year so by your though, WB has zero huge franchises anymore.
  7. Different people have different opinions. I dont blame anyone but it is normal that when you have a forum run in majority by people from NA, you will have much more interest for domestic box office. I personally care more about OS numbers because they indicate a much bigger part of the world and , not to fool myself, my favourite franchises generally do better OS than DoM. Also there is much more room for growth so there is no limit. Especially with the addition of China.
  8. Noctis is brutal...
  9. And Paul Walker's death is a fact, not an excuse. Is it so difficult to see??
  10. 1. Forum members being Americans in majority. -
  11. Some people here are ridiculous. This would have been an enormous success even without US. Who the fuck cares for DOM when you will have the biggest OS grosser of the year and by a comfortable margin??
  12. My club is dead.. :cry: F8 will have double the admissions of TFA but won't reach its OW gross I in China.
  13. And you can also argue that his image will be somehow fixed after the next pirates movie.
  14. Well he was accused for abusing his wife which is bad itself. As an actor, I think he is quit talented though.
  15. Come on guys. You can't blame anyone for not liking FB. I am a pottergead too and I said that it was not as good as I hoped. I felt the warmness of a potter movie and a lot of things were on point but the plot could have been far far better. Still, it gave me lots of hope for the next one and the background is good so a lot of room for growth. Regarding the original Potter movies, none is as good as the books but overall it is one of the best YA franchises in history. And when you think about some other book adaptations that come to mind, we are more than lucky with what we had.