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  1. I have been wondering how this will do internationally lately. The book is less popular than it is in the USA (still known but not iconic or anything like that), but I believe that If this breaks out huge in the states, european territories may follow suit. It is common lately for European/Asian markets to follow American trends even If they are not that familiar with the product (The Force Awakens). It is a difficult pick. I could easily see this grossing more DOM than OS but I could also see a big OS number without being surprised.
  2. COCO

    Unless something really surprising happens, I don't see how this will do more than Moana's numbers maximum. Maybe If South America overperforms? $300-400 m OS feels the range to me. Haven's looked at what the competition is though which may be a vital factor.
  3. Annabelle: Creation // Breaking records around the Globe!

    Really impressive numbers! And well deserved as well. The conjuring franchise has been great since day 1. I guess 300m is a lock. Maybe 400m is in play?
  4. Tracking at about $50-60m is absolutely superb. Basically, provided that something unfortunate doesn't happen (very bad reviews), a tracking like that is guarranteeing a $70m OW to my eyes.
  5. Box Office Casino

    I will take this
  6. IT over Get Out ($175m)

    IN big time.. (I may have been already IN and having forgotten it)
  7. But did he really try to change anyone's opinion? He was just asking about the number of movies that he/she had seen before declaring WW the best movie of the summer. And that's completely fine because it is a different story If you have watched 20 movies and you have a good sense of what was released this summer and a completely different one when you have watched 3 movies and you are picking the best out of the 3.
  8. Despicable Me 3 OVER $1 Billion Club

    This will happen guys
  9. When will presales start for IT?
  10. Completely different situation for a number of reasons. First of all, SS was the first installment of the franchise so there were no limits on its target audience. People were curious with the madness that was happening so even If they werent fans, theY went out to see it, leading in monstrous numbers (probably adjusting to 1.5b or even more nowadays). A drop for the sequel was a given considering how big a success the first one was. But with Fantastic Beasts, it's a completely different story. Firstly, the first movie wasn't that big and it's gross came from the potter fanbase wich means that it will retain a big percentage of it's gross due to fanbase loyalty. Taking that into account and with Dumbledore making an appearance, I think that although remaining conservative, I could see even an increase If everything goes well.
  11. I dont see the reason why a title with "Fantastic Beasts and..." wont make sense If beasts arent in the center of the story. I am absolutely sure that Newt still being a protagonist will obviously guarrantee some interaction with the beasts but nothing more than that. And it's just fine. They have managed to get some brand name value to Fantastic Beasts, so it would be far sillier to have a random title and completely confuse people. As for Rowling, I think it is a given that she is no need for money for the rest of her life. She's got a net worth of nearly 1 billion so unless she is a greedy bitch, which I dont believe she is, I don't think she is making things to get even more money. She may have done a few bad choices (Cursed Child) but all in all, she still has done a pretty good job of handling things and not getting too carried away.
  12. IT's Madness!: IT over Gravity DOM (274.09m)

    Am I the only one thinking that 50m is the absolute floor for this OW? How on earth will this make "so little" when Split/Get Out with not one tenth of the buzz/hype did close to 40m OWs?? .
  13. WEDNESDAY NUMBERS | Dunkirk 1.96M - WW 0.28M

    The amount of times that this debate has occurred is just... unworthy for such a non special run.

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