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  1. I think it really depends on the theater. I saw it in 3D and it wasn't dark at all.
  2. Only seeing this because of her too. Beauty and the Beast wasn't part of my childhood, but I got very excited when she was announced as Belle. Cinderella was a similiar movie and I didn't bother watching in the theater.
  3. Oh. I thought it was Metacritic LOL
  4. Is at 65. You saw another version.
  5. I thinks it's disappointing but it's also understandable. By making a film that talks about music and you only use American songs, your international audience gets very limited. So I see why it did well in North America and not so good overseas. I'm not saying that they should've used japanese or spanish songs in the movie, it's just my point.
  6. I'd really love to see BATB pull in these huge numbers that you're predicting (165-180). But I don't think it will go that high.
  7. Very underwhelming. This movie is so much better than TSLOP, but it will end up making 250 million+ less.
  8. China 170m OS Total 650m
  9. I think it's celebrated on February 14 in all countries but Brazil. Here it's on June 12.
  10. Rogue One had two slow-paced acts. It only became interesting on that incredible third act, and since Chinese people aren't crazy about Darth Vader or they didn't like the movie.
  11. Wow! It is actually making $1 million per day in Japan.
  12. FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM makes an est. $4.1M (3-day) /$5.4M (4-day) weekend, for $225.42M total. #FantasticBeasts
  13. Yes. Let's just hope the holiday holds are amazing and just enough to pass Prisoner of Azkaban (796 million).
  14. Especially with Sing (to steal a lot of kids)/Passengers (to steal a lot of women)/Assassin's Creed (to steal a lot of guys) coming next weekend.