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  1. Very's a movie..why characters must be morally correct or like people on tumblr would say *non-problematic*
  2. Highest number since Com-score has started tracking > TLJ 892,316 > Civil War 749,129 > SM:Homecoming 612,000 Thor numbers are strangely low vs the views on you tube
  3. The 90% on RT x Doctor Strange were a tons of 6s and 7s out of 10 that meant many C+ for Rogue One submitted as fresh so 90% on RT =/= 9/10 movie
  4. His vision wasn’t cheap. “The Promise,” co-written and directed by Terry George (“Hotel Rwanda”), cost nearly $100 million to make before tax breaks crazy
  5. The Promise budget is $100m??!!!?! whaaaat
  6. I think killing someone like Cap or Iron Man to whom people are more than attached would have more effect than killing Gamora, Drax or whoever Who knows anyway...
  7. He's super sweet imma reply to sandy star wars fans
  8. Hayden has settled down and he remains incredibly wealthy, living off his production
  9. > I don't think Spidey new movie will gross 1B > Aquaman has a chance at grossing 1B
  10. Only one super hero took down Star Wars..maybe he'll land #2 DOM this year
  11. Same here. To be honest I saw Force Awakens before ANY of the other Star Wars movies and I really liked it.