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  1. Nope. In any case with the same exchange rates of AMS2 it'd be past $900m with ease...but I know you don't care
  2. MOS lost 1000+ theatres in the 4th weekend and had three 60% drops in a row afterwards...it'd be catastrophic if Spidey followed MOS
  3. Imo Hawkeye, Loki, Bucky and Vision will die. None of the guardians will -Nebula perhaps?-, same goes for Spidey, Strange, AntMan. Cap has become too good to die....Thor has just been rebooted. Iron Man, BW and Scarlet won't be killed
  4. Damn, my prediction was MJ2 numbers - $280-290m, but it blow up like Frozen
  5. SMH did $3.3m, -42% from last week ($5.7m). Total: $25.7m Is it a good hold given that T5 opened?
  6. Yeah..ER have a big impact just look at this: Meanwhile, it should be noted that Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales — with an estimated gross of $596.6M — has now become the highest grossing title of the Pirates franchise internationally for Disney (when looking at all at today’s FX rates), thereby passing Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides which grossed $593.4M at current rates. $804 (2011) -> $593,4m
  7. Imo no, unless it underperforms in China like GOGT2

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