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This is a post that I've been thinking about for awhile. Recently, I opened up the discussion to other members of the staff to get their feelings on the matter, and their opinions generally matched mine, which is this:

Within the last year or so, there's been a steady increase of negative posts in movie threads. We've always had some heated discussions for some movies, but recently things have not only gotten more histrionic in those threads (generally speaking, the CBM ones), but they've started to spread to other franchises and other movies as well. I'm not talking about out-and-out trolling, I'm talking about members feeling they have to consistently shit on a movie (or studio, or star) simply because they aren't interested in the current project or projects. With every piece of news about a movie, it's now a virtual guarantee that there's a flood of people rushing to say they think it sucks, they don't like the current trailer/tv spot/actor/actress/director/concept. And I get it -- we all have movies we don't like, movies which we think are bad ideas, industry people that just don't appeal to us. But there's a fine line between expressing your opinion about this and doing it so often, with such consistency, that the collective emphasis of all of it basically brings down the entire thread and thus the entire forum.

There's no easy answer to this. We don't want to crush freedom of expression here. But at the same time, the spirit of this forum is for people to have fun talking about the movies they love and the box-office runs they love.

To have fun.

And while it may be fun -- in a sense -- to personally vent about a movie, or to vent at people who dare to enjoy something you don't, it doesn't bring fun to our community. In fact, it generally drags down the overall fun for everyone else. We've had people repeatedly mention to us over the last several months or so that in some cases they don't even bother going into some threads -- even for movies they're curious about! -- because they just don't want to deal with the overall mess those threads contain. And frankly, that matches the personal opinion of most of the staff as well.

So this post is both a request and a warning. 

The request: Next time you feel like taking a dump on a movie (or a topic) for the dozenth time, take a moment to consider whether it's really worth it. People probably already have a good idea of what your attitude about the project is. Maybe just put your posting energy into a movie that you enjoy and love or are excited about.

The warning: The staff is going to be taking a closer look at some of these threads and we'll be more active with temp thread-bans if we think it'll help the overall vibe of the forum. I'd rather we don't have to, but it's not going to constrain any of you too much if you aren't allowed to post about a movie you supposedly don't care about anyway.

Remember the words of Bill and Ted: "Be Excellent to Each Other".

They're just movies, guys. It's about having fun.

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  1. I'll take Pirates...
  2. I'm gonna wait on my picks b/c my locals have not put any screens towards CU yet and they have only put 3 screens (mall) / 1 1/2 screens (local) for Wonder Woman and I can't judge the films til I know how the theaters are gonna book them. When my locals only give 1 screen, it seems like $50M is the absolute max a film can make, and I'm worried CU may get that treatment (or worse with a split for 3d, which would hold down its opening further). Not to mention, only 1 1/2 and 3 screens for WW is gonna also hold down the opening more than I'd like to guesstimate for it. I'm hoping they drop some GOTG and Aliens screens for these movies (or drop some old movies), but we'll see... Although it won't be good for CU presales to literally have no way to buy tickets for this weekend at my 3 closest theaters...hopefully, Monday they get booked...
  3. But it might lengthen again if those new reboots fail...just like we might see less 5quels soon:)...
  4. In about 25 years as a rebooted attempt at a new series when Hollywood is farming the aughts for film ideas...
  5. But no regular GA reads that when they are buying Fandango tickets - they see one thing - the RT %...
  6. I think people are seeing a disconnect on average vs bad movies...not that they think either of this weekend's movies were the Godfather... A number of people have said Pirates 5 is much better than 4...and yet they scored the same 32%... For me, Baywatch is a solid B movie, since it's got some real flaws that it did not overcome even with some great humor scenes...and something like BvS (since that came up) was an F movie...but somehow Baywatch is at 19% and BvS is it's a disconnect in the scores that I think the studios are unhappy with. Both Baywatch and Pirates should have probably hit the middling range of scores (45-55), but neither came close...and people see just the overall critics number and say "wow, that's really bad...not just average"...when in fact, both movies are probably average for what the expectations of the movies should have been. Neither are awards bait, nor Citizen Kane...
  7. The current trilogy is the prequel to the 2001 movie (at least that's how Fox sold it in 2010 it's connected if not part of the same "series"...and it's still #3 of this series of prequels... No way this breaks the last movie's gross of $208M..and this club seems about right for a possible peak it's an easy in!
  8. I'm IN. Another, what 3rd prequel to another movie, so like the 4th in a series 16 years after the 1st came out...and people expect this to be close to the prior movie? C'mon, what have we learned the last 2 years about these kinds of 4th/5th movies domestically?:)
  9. Baywatch the show was a phenomenon worldwide though... It was probably dumb to not open worldwide 1st, b/c the show was always bigger there than here...
  10. Not in the game, but I wouldn't count out either movie yet...we still don't know how high or low this summer might go...and both movies could end up right on the edge of in or out, since #15 is unlikely to be a $100M movie and both these movies will get all their BO to count by Labor Day where many other possible (especially August movies) will only have 2/3-3/4 of their eventual BO count... I mean $75M is still attainable for both (more for Aliens than Baywatch, but new comedies tend to be leggy, even with bad openings)...
  11. The Pirates franchise USED to be less we've seen from mutliple sequeled franchises, they become more and more about the fans and less about the GA...and this movie seems pretty set up as a fan only one is saying "GA, you'll get something out of this"... I mean Aliens used to draw GA, too...
  12. B/c it has so much less competition coming in the next few weeks than Apocalypse did?
  13. Well, I win one casino bet easily and lose the other easily...guess you can't be perfect:)... I think the BO starts its turn around next weekend, but I wouldn't go TOO high on estimates...I see Father's Day play for both movies and good summer weekdays, so people aren't gonna rush quite like they normally do, especially if there isn't monetary reason to do caution on high end numbers, especially still theater and screen counts are out is probably good (my locals still haven't decided on CU and it's Sunday)...
  14. So, what's it gonna take to be the #5 movie this summer? Here's the last few (and this takes in all BO, not just through Labor Day, so the BO total for our summer games will probably be a little lower)... 2016 - Jason Bourne $162.4M 2015 - Mission Impossible RN $195.0M 2014 - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes $208.5M 2013 - Fast and Furious 6 $238.6M 2012 - Madagascar 3 $216.3M All those stressing that all these May movies are probably missing Top 15...yeah, they probably mostly are...BUT they might not, looking at past summers and the big drop offs from #4 to #5-#15...and we've been falling, not really rising, for values to hit those #5-#15 spots...