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  1. It is not that a movie box office factor into is sequel (depending of what you mean by that) but that they are correlated. 250 dbo, 600 WW, is not using BvS box office actually to asses Justice League 1 imo, what matter the most is BvS first weekend, that show how much potential it had.
  2. I don't know for story of the century, the genre has a lot of competition in incredible run, for example the 450K paranormal activity: And theat franchise in general, the Saw franchise did something quite extraordinary too
  3. Probably not the 358 one pages, just saying that it is certainly normal to bring up the best comparable as possible while trying to predict a movie performance, and for Justice League BvS is the obvious starting point, I don't get why you could be bothered by people using it has a starting point and bringing the movie up, it is a bit like talking about the previous James Bond (with the same cast/director) when a new one come up.
  4. You are understanding why I think, when predicting box office people (and studios) are looking for comparable, BvS is by far the most comparable release to Justice League Part 1, it is normal for people to use that box office run has a starting point to predict JL 1, they will apply a multiplicator to that first weekend.
  5. On the-numbers they say: Precise information on Blu-ray sales is not generally available. Our Blu-ray sales figures are estimates based on studio figures, publicly available data, and private research on retail sales carried out by Nash Information Services. The figures include estimated sales at Wal-Mart and other retailers that do not publicly release sales information. They do not know sales figures, that very high average sales number price would require a lot of special edition, 4K, sales, etc... but I would imagine they do the best they can. And do much better than simply prediction from box office and they are far from totally useless, the correlation between the-numbers sales figures and movies home video revenues from the Sony leaked movie was really good, much better than the correlation between box office and home video revenue . That said those sales figures are getting more and more useful, not just because they are for only one country and gross estimate, sales are not specially high in some genre vs rentals and now physical sales are becoming a even smaller % of HV because of itunes types sales.
  6. Valerian is getting a really big one. There is a lot of non DC or marvel comic book adaptation I think, like Snowpiercer a couple of year's ago. Has for the YA adaptation, we will be getting Ready Player one and some others but I think most of the 15/20 adaptation project have been cancelled, the genre had a short window.
  7. Because it also include 75% of the P&A and not budget, I imagine it mean Lionsgate have co-financier partner too, if it is purely pre-sales they are impressive sales.
  8. That is mostly true about any opinion that come out of no where (without anyone asking you your opinion about it) and why online comment section are such polarized craziness. No one with a moderate opinion about someone will usually take time to write it.
  9. I do think it is a good trailer so far from the release, nothing about the story (except that it is a team up of superheroes) but it sell that it will be an event movie with incredibly large scale and money on screen, story/villain, etc... stuff harder to remember anyway to be revealed closer to the release date. As for Superman not being shown, I would cheapen is return to show it in the material, even thought everyone know that he will be there and Cavil will be in the IMDB cast list for this one or the next one.
  10. I would imagine that a move like that would hurt pre-sales prospect a lot and what the movie could be. If the movie if really liked (box office legs, home video sales, exit poll metric and marketing study interest on a sequel etc...) maybe, those first weekend number are not good enough or bad enough to make it clear one way or an other about a sequel.
  11. There is 70mm film giant screen IMAX and 2K digital projector small screen IMAX. I'm not sure what the name IMAX on the second one mean exactly, is it just a brand name tag used on the door with nothing else or are those 2K digital projector special in some ways.
  12. Everyone know that, otherwise Jesus would be one of the biggest box office draw for a movie. People do not equal Batman fame to box office, but is box office track record, same for the joker.
  13. Paul Feig movie were always female cast, I don't think it was an agenda pushing movie more than a studio letting a director liberties to do what he wanted, really love to do. Feig was key here, the studio would have made any version he wanted to do.
  14. I don't know if Logan would have benefited, is marketing was a lot about being different, not yet a saving the world type of superheroes movie, more grounded and gritty, having a 3D release would have been against that grain. 3D is still a real thing, specially when it fit the movie well like Jungle Book, but 2016 was the year with the most 3D release, 30% more than 2015 and the 3D box office declined (while the 2D box office grew) in 2016.
  15. Not sure what you mean by has this movie even made a profit, give it 6-18 month to have some chance to do so, it is still so new. Has for WB satisfied with Kong's numbers they must be versus some of the prediction made a month before it's release, versus their expectation when it was greenlight we will never know, but I would imagine that they are yes. I don't know how much WB get involved on the production side or if they act only as a distributor in those Legendary/Tencent Pictures movie, but either way it is performing as well as they probably thought a King Kong movie could in 2017.