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  1. But yet it is something a lot of people wonder what it will be, what live action would even mean for a project like that, Jungle Book was an animated movie with almost nothing else that was not pure CGI in it, outside Moogly. Will it be the first photo-realistic full cgi movie ? Will it combine live action ? It does seem like a strange scenario, were it feel like uncreative rehash, but that must involve a lot of problem solving, or at least I don't know how I would do it personally. And it could be a first movie on is genre, remove Jungle Book and it would feel really innovative to me (first of is kind and I would be really wondering what it would look like).
  2. The metric were there that Bad Moms would be big, the trailers was extremely well received: and had a better title/high concept. I would also imagine that Bad moms was playing really well with the test audience (it got a A cinemascore after all), the studio did seem really confident and gave a big domestic release marketing push, with over 5000 national airing, spent money to get the big popular song and so on. I doubt that it was a surprise tracking wise. Rough Night would be one imo, surprise.
  3. I think so, and they are getting older (so he is a perfect combo with Watson to broading the appeal if the movie would have been good) and this movie seem like a hard sale for the baby boomers and target a younger audience than the usual Hanks movie. Like say Sully, Captain Philips and is other blockbuster. The other movie being very recent (in this case still in theater) is also an element, Hanks last year achieved to open only one of is 3 movie, it is not easy to open 2 movie in a short window.
  4. Sly comments was simply 80's type of action movie and that 80's action movie stars are gone, now it is superheroes, the idea that they would still be going on without them is probably false, but it didn't had much implied negativity toward them. Just a bit like someone making stamp saying that the e-mail took away is business.
  5. So you are believing the Internet claim that they are suing Fox News. Why have you not said: I do not believe those employee, instead of saying don't believe what you read on the Internet if you believe all the fact claimed by the article that was posted ? Like you, almost no one simply believe those claims and consider the incentive to make them, also everyone will consider that we tend to have bad memory of events and often bad interpretation of the event on the moment. But it is a lot of people claiming the same thing, claiming events that would have had a lot of witness and were recurring, not something that is easy to create them out of no where and just make them up.
  6. Just to be clear do you not believe that employee are suing Fox news (what Internet is saying) or that those employee are possibly exaggerating/making up something trying to make money ? Internet is not saying that they are saying the truth, simply reporting what is the content of the plaintiff claim in court.
  7. You don't believe that employee are suing fox news ? Will it not appear on this website, it would be a bit strange to lie about something that will become public in a short time ? news&CID=3&DID=1
  8. And you can add Lion King, more chance than Frozen and Toy Story imo.
  9. I would assume that the fact they would continue to renew the rights to declare a strike was already fully accounted by the market, it was 99% certain, the members support is really clear on it. It was a continuation of the statue quo more than something new.
  10. Language once you translate in a other language is easy to "fix", it is very violent and gory, but that it is easy to remove the violence is short, (13 minute sound more than enough to remove anything R in it).
  11. I doubt that (or they are really good people to just not let them strike forever), all those fat cat have stock options are other performance incentive and some of the best jobs of the world that they loose very easily, they will be hurt by a strike that impact the bottom line (but also hurt by a deal that cost them more than the said strike would), thus the negotiation). Striking is an effective pressure strategy because it is bad for the owners and executives.
  12. I disagree, the movie is not sold only on nostalgia and the trailer make it extremely clear that you do not need to have seen one episode of the show, it is very similar to a movie like 21 Jump Street that was not one of the biggest success of the year because of the tv show nostalgia. I don't remember much of the original cast involved in the new Baywatch movie or anything iconic about it used in the promotion (not even 90's music, and the movie is clearly set in today world), there is not much appeal to nostalgia going on. Baywatch bring awareness, but does not do the selling, It is more sold on: 1) The very popular R-rated raunchy comedy genre: They often do well, Neighbors, jump street, trainwreck, Hangover, Melissa Mccarthy ones, Farrell, Kevin Hart/etc.... 2) Sexy people and star powers.
  13. Not in a regular way at a national level according to this: No national airing since March madness finals.
  14. That distinction is important, Peter Jackson started Lords of the Rings in 1995, and the story already existed, it is normal for 4 giant blockbuster pushing boundary to take a long pre-production time. He finished the dvd release of the last Hobbit in like april 2015, 20 year's later.
  15. Yes, may 26 2-17 for the US was the first released, pushed back when it became obvious Avatar 2 would not take that season finally + the massive success of Awaken. Now that it is obvious that avatar 2 will not take December 2019, would not be surprised at all if it get pushed yes. it depend if they do not want the spin off stars wars of 2020 to be too close to it I imagine.