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  1. Spider went from 1502 to 574 theater for that drop (avg. stayed the same) and that would give WW a chance, without really new release or expension that weekend explaining the theater drop (maybe achieving to go over 400m was the trigger..?). If WW achieve to stay close those next 3 week it would certainly have a shot.
  2. Wonder woman will enter week 8, Wonder woman week #7 was a bit lower than spider-man (10.8 for SM 1 versus 10.6 for WW) Spider-man next weekly drop were really impressive (and WW need to do better than those just to not loose ground) 8: -36% 9: -26.1% 10: -36.4% Weekend drop: 9: -31.3% 10: -29.6% 11: -59% It will really not be easy to make gain on Spider-Man next 3 week (would require -35% and less drop), not loosing ground will already be hard and would require to not loose something similar to the 773 theater of the last weekend again.
  3. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0974015/fullcredits?ref_=tt_ql_dt_1 She is in Justice league, but casted under: Young girl, like if it was very small role.
  4. But even among best picture candidate the longer than to win (and that take away the genre bias) , anyway the statement was about correlation, not causation (I never implied that it was good because it was long). And I also pointed genre : for a reason to expect a correlation between runtime and quality.
  5. I think the main reason would be knowing their limitation, using Toys and all clean solid setup (that are much much more easier to animate and render than organics stuff/fur/hair/water and going with the very irrealistic plastic look for human matching them), and a bit like normal movie doing so much of the movie in the same room saved a lot on cost. You see the movie limitation versus something even cheap of today in that first Toy story. It could have costed much less than that without the issues. And that was 1995 money, almost 50m now, Sausage party was 19m, Angry bird 73m, Minions 74m.
  6. We would think so (I thought maybe spider-man, pirates, transformer, Shrek, etc...), now that 400m happen more often, but it is recent that it is not an exceptionnal number and it would be nearly impossible for anything that started before 2002 and according to this: http://www.boxofficemojo.com/franchises/?view=Franchise&sort=gross&order=DESC&p=.htm Only 15 franchise have at least one entry above 400m and the only other one to do it, would be the Avengers if you consider Avenger and Ultron has a franchise.
  7. I think you can simply say second franchise ever, no other franchise than the Hunger Games had the first 2 entry do over 400m unadjusted I think. Spider man 2 did 373, pirates 1 was at 305. Avatar logically be the other one to do it one day.
  8. It is not 100% baseless, runtime could correlate with resources (budget and so on), ambition, genre, studio not cutting your script and then your movie down because they like it, etc... and those could be correlated with quality. Best picture winner runtime for example: I think it would not be stupid to expect the average movie below 85 minute to be worst than the average movie above 115 minute. In the IMDB top 1000 movies 85 or less minute: 45 title 85 to 100 minute: 173 title 100 to 115: 265 title over 115: 563 title Even though we have much more shorter movie than longer on IMDB feature film total 85 or less minute: 29,356 title 85 to 100 minute: 39,140 title 100 to 115: 18.653 title over 115: 13,435 Percentage of movie by runtime that made the imdb top 1000 85 or less minute: 0.15% 85 to 100 minute: 0.44% 100 to 115: 1.42% over 115: 4.19% Not being able to image some possible base to a correlation between runtime and quality is a lack of imagination imo. The as long it is good it does matter X will always be true, it started with the wanted result, same in sport has long as your team win at the end injury does not matter, that does not mean that injury to key player will not be correlated with loosing. Not the error would be to translate blindly the general correlation that longer the movie the "better" it tend to be blindly, if Thor 3 a buddy comedy type of movie for kids, a 100 minute could be a really good runtime, it is not in the extreme (really short or really long) those would tell us something it is much more gray in the 95 to 115 min area, a bit like cinemascore.
  9. ? Is 2.22 million conversation is more than 3 time every other movie on that list, even if many are getting released sooner. They are ranked only for the last week not the important total, and last week movie like Ready Player one got a trailer released, it is normal they are above a movie without one.
  10. In 2005, Spielberg did the full of effect giant movie War of the world in 10 month, from starting is location scouting to delivering is final cut. The movie (one of the biggest ever at that time) started to film only 7 month before the release. Put it that way, Whedon will probably have been longer the director of Justice league than War of the World first day of shooting to release cut.
  11. How would one possibly know if Joss is keeping Zacks vision, that would require to know Zack Vision + having seen the final movie and being able to judge how much it match, how could you or anyone (except a few making the movie) know something like this ? I remember going on the DGA and reading them, do not remember anything about half of the footage statement and I did search quite a bit, could you point it out ? @Squadron Leader Tele ? I would have imagined that he would started to work on the cut before the reshoot, to know what was missing exactly and after and I think you can still play with the sequence/pacing/etc.. once the VFX are made.
  12. I sincerely think I did and posted some, never recalled any of them having a 50%+1 type of rule, that would make an automatic case for the DGA to remove the credit from the previous director and give to the new and obviously it is impossible to have co-director if they do not work together, even if the movie was split 50-50 between them (or it would be an big exception to the rules). Can you point that out ? Snyder could tell the DGA that he does not fell the movie respect is vision, that he lost control prove it, etc... then the DGA would remove is name from it, director often do that (but not usually when so much residual money is in play), outside of that scenario he should get directing credit regardless of Whedon amount of work. I was talking about the comments about the editing. When did Whedon did step in ? in an unknown moment between end of March to when it was official in may ? That is between 195 to 270 days of post production.... an edit can be changed a lot.
  13. Usually yes, if they are an extension/exploration/allegory of what human nature or system incentive could lead people to do (Say like an Hunger Games) it is Sci-fi yes. on Imdb: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) R | 2h | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi It tend to be in the soft-Sci/fi (versus hard sci-fi), that deal with social science/sociology.
  14. How would someone know about something like this (and it is not like anyone public take on it would be necessarily a good indication considering the circumstance), if a Director has made 2 of the top 10 biggest movie of all time and 2 movie really close to JL (SH grouping together) he can ask for a lot, if a movie has the chance to bring him they can agree to a lot. The movie could have changed quite a bit even without a director change too, editing wise a lot can change with some choice (deciding to show the phone before, after it ring or let it ring in the background can change a scene completely). No, and people had talked a lot about this, short of a complete reshoot from start it would be extremely hard and he would need for him to ask for it, something he will probably not even do in that scenario out of respect. Znyder removing itself and asking the DGA to remove is name from everything related to the movie would be a needed start.
  15. I think that could how used we are to those element, Jedi are kind of superheroes (they have many superhuman capability, Navy arguably so but they do not really count) As for US centrism, ET is a really american suburb movie, Avatar feature what is for many a clear allegory of the US military of the 2000's, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Themes_in_Avatar#Anti-Americanism

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