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  1. Much much better release date. The movie has a chance to grab an audience now without too much heavy competition. It will probably be decent at a minimum, Francis Lawrence isn't Spielberg, but he's a solid director who doesn't make bad movies.
  2. For those that think critics don't have agendas, I leave you with this article posted today on Vox about what they call Socially Conscious Criticism, which sounds an awful lot like a political agenda, but that's just me. Passengers is featured, and what it says is that the most important complaint was the morality of the storyline, not the movie itself. They also talk about GITS.
  3. Just to make it clear, I agree that it was not a great movie, the third act was really bad. I still can't understand where they came up with that.
  4. Don't get me wrong, it certainly would have been more mysterious, and I'm intrigued by the concept, but he's making the assumption that the only problem people had with the movie was just the movie itself. In some cases that's a fact, people just didn't like it, but for a lot of the critics that labelled it as all sorts of evil, and that was a lot of critics, I think this version only makes that worse. If you make Jim truly creepy you would find Aurora's forgiveness even more unacceptable than it already is in their minds. Then the only fix would be him dying, or maybe choosing to go back into hibernation leaving him to die alone. Without showing how you end this version his entire premise is only half baked.
  5. For some people, mostly critics and pundits, the fact Jim woke her up is the only thing that matters. How you position it in the movie doesn't change that at all, other then the fact you don't watch it happen. There was a buzz in the industry, and I had seen it written in some articles about the movie early in the production, that there was a "problem" with him waking her up. Remember, this script was out there for 9 years, everybody knew what was going to happen. I feel most critics went in with their knives sharpened, and the only thing that would've changed the reaction is Aurora killing Jim, leaving him to die in space, or maybe going back to hibernation at the end. Nothing short of that would've changed the outcome. I think a better executed movie would've helped a little bit, but not enough to raise it up to respectable ratings. This comment from the producer, Neil Moritz, shows that in testing these issues never came up. Which means this was mostly a concoction of the critics and press, not the general public. That's why the movie was able to recover and make some money, because while there were people who saw that didn't like it, none I know thought the accusations of rape, etc. were justified.
  6. These are Johann Johannsson's credits. He's been nominated for two Oscar's, and won a Globe. I thought the score for Sicario was awesome, Arrival was good too. He may not be your cup of tea, but I wouldn't classify him as inferior. 2012 Mystery Winner – Golden Horse Awards for Best Original Film Score.[6] Nominated – Asian Film Awards for Best Composer. 2013 Prisoners 2014 The Theory of Everything Winner – Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score. Nominated – Academy Award for Best Original Score. Nominated – BAFTA Award for Best Film Music Nominated – Grammy Award for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media 2015 Sicario Nominated – Academy Award for Best Original Score. Nominated – BAFTA Award for Best Film Music 2016 Lovesong 2016 Arrival Nominated – Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score Nominated – BAFTA Award for Best Film Music. 2017 Blade Runner 2049 2017 mother!
  7. Bardem states it "complicated" so there's something else going on there...
  8. It's about done in Japan, it only added about $400k this last week. I think we're close to a final. My prediction is right at about $302M. It hit all its minimum marks for success. Better reviews, or at least less hostile ones, would've help it. Probably around $400M, $150 Dom, $250 OS.
  9. Theatrical Performance Domestic Box Office $100,014,092 Details International Box Office $201,408,074 Details Worldwide Box Office $301,422,166
  10. The movie is over $300M, it went over about 2 weeks ago and Sony announced it at CinemaCon. The data above is the data on BOM, they haven't updated the OS total in like 3 weeks. Here's the The Numbers link: Theatrical Performance Domestic Box Office $100,005,122 International Box Office $201,408,074 Worldwide Box Office $301,413,196
  11. The first one was ok, the second was marginally entertaining. Now it's just...ugh. They are just unwatchable.
  12. That points to how suddenly it started losing theaters. With hitting $90M that quickly it should've been over $100M in a month, but even with decent PTA it just couldn't maintain the count needed.
  13. Well said. It's odd, I've never seen a reaction to a film like there was to this one. I actually read reviews which giddily announced they were going to the spoil the movie in the review because they felt it was "justified". I can't quite understand how a professional critic could ever feel justified in spoiling a movie in a review just because they didn't like the gender politics. I completely agree that the last third of the movie was very badly done. I'm not sure who they are trying to appease with that ending, but I would assume that it was something that came out of the test screenings. Maybe people didn't like the little Andy Garcia lead "tour" of their lives after she decided to stay with him. I remember there being reshoots and those are usually for the ending of the movie. I suspect a couple of those scenes we saw, the one of Aurora walking into the bar at the end for instance, were part of those reshoots. It seems that Tyldum wanted to tell a romantic story, and nothing else. They stripped away any remnants of reticence, or even deep thought, on Aurora's part and went right into her collapsing in grief at the thought of Jim's death. It was a very bad decision, and cheapened the story which may have resulted in there not being enough redeeming content in critics eyes to cut it any slack. They should thank the lord they had Pratt and Lawrence in this movie, or it would've been a complete flop and would've lost millions.
  14. This has been great, I've learned so much, thanks for starting this club!
  15. It's already over $300M, it has at least $4M in Japan as of today, and it only needed about $3.5M to hit 300, BOM just hasn't updated the OS numbers yet.