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  1. That's odd, I can't imagine what Sony is thinking. Maybe they want to see Life get it's own audience first, creating some WOM, and then after a week or two do some double features with Passengers.
  2. Someone posted on another site that they believe this is already in that range. I can't find the post, but it says that it hits production plus P&A somewhere in the $200-$250M range, I can't remember exactly. If that's right, then she's probably getting a check. Depending on whether you believe The Numbers, or BOM, I think TN is correct myself, it only needs about $3.5M to hit the 300 mark.
  3. You've also answered the question as to why Jennifer Connelly got so thin. She was trying to stop being upstaged by her own body, and it actually worked, she started getting a lot of great dramatic work when she stopped looking like a centerfold. In the end, I don't think Scarlett cares, she's making lots of money and she's a star. She'd rather eat and look amazing.
  4. I think we're talking two different things. When I say break out I mean she needs a Monster, or something like that, to break out of the box they've put her in. She's very popular when she does her action shtick, but when she treads into dramatic territory it just doesn't seem to work for her. For reasons I can't put my finger on the industry just isn't that impressed with her outside the action arena, and neither is the public as none of those movies you mentioned sold many tickets. Also, sorry for sending some folks over the edge on the Zelda movie. Yes, Zelda Fitzgerald was F. Scott Fitzgeralds wife. However, you'll be interested to know that the creator of Zelda named the character after Zelda Fitzgerald. So there's actually a connection between the two, if you can believe it.
  5. She did get a a lot of co-lead work in that movie, and I thought she was pretty good too. So that's a fair point. Let's just say they don't think she can carry a movie as the pure lead. People forget that Woody Allen tried for years to make Scarlett into something, and it just didn't work all that well.
  6. I actually think she's done some good work, especially in Lost in Translation, and some of her supporting work has been really good. What I don't like is all her recent movies are variations on a theme. Action movies are what she seems to be getting since Black Widow, Lucy, and it's eventual sequel, and GITS. Clearly Disney has no faith in her since they won't give BW a solo movie, they skipped right over her and went to Captain Marvel with Brie Larson. I'm not sure if she was being serious or not, but she said she's been campaigning to be a Disney princess for years now and they won't give her the time of day. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. I think that's why she's trying to get that Zelda movie off the ground, trying to break out. The problem Scarlett is always going to have is her T&A is always going to upstage her acting. She needs to Charlize Theron Monster herself in a movie. She tried to get Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Fincher said she looked like "Marilyn(Monroe) on a motorcycle".
  7. Just for those to don't know, or might care, her usual stunt double is Heidi Moneymaker (yes, real name), and her much taller sister Renae, is Jennifer Lawrence's stunt double. Former gymnasts and top notch doubles. I think ScarJo was stung by the criticisms that she didn't do her own stunts, she claims she did a lot of it in GITS. I think she's fit enough, it's just that she's never leaned out. Jennifer Connelly looked like a taller version of her when she was younger, but she really got super lean over the last few years. That lead to the stories she had breast reduction surgery, but I think she just got super skinny. I crack up at how JLaw makes no bones about not doing her own stunts, just says no way let the pro do it.
  8. Concur, in the 60's, and you can't imagine how many times I've heard that exact same assessment. It did not deserve the lambasting it got.
  9. And Whedon knows a good story when he sees it, so this isn't irrelevant.
  10. There are only two good ways to go in this case; ignore it, or laugh at it. He chose the more fun option. Defending yourself is a pointless endeavor when it comes to critics.
  11. Does that mean they are abandoning $100M, or does it just make it easier to fraud it over $100M?
  12. That could be it, but I believe they did an adjustment last week. It was over $197M 2 weeks ago. So they may have already updated. Also, as has been pointed out, BOM hasn't updated the OS number in weeks.