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  1. Does anyone know how much money it made in Japan?
  2. BvS made 81M OD then dropped hard. If Justice League OD is less due to other dceu movies not being good but this one is good then It will have legs and easily beat 167 Ow and DOM.
  3. They probaboy won't move han solo or they would have already and releasing two huge movies in the month by the same studio seems like a bad idea, like something Fox would do.
  4. Trailer looks good. If theres one thing Snyder can do right it's making an absoloutly beautiful movie. Hope this doesn't get as much hate as BvS. Very exited right now.
  5. In because Christopher Nolan.
  6. I'm starting to dig The Flash costume, and that 16 sec promo looked better than seasons 2 & 3. Ezra Miller is one of my favorite actors.
  7. Absoloutly briliant.
  8. If you're using TDK as a target it seems like the most logical thing to me to compare it to.
  9. Isn't that what this whole thread is about?
  10. Well lots of people are on spring break and that means its going to have to do really well on weekends to keep up.
  11. This movie dropped 72% Sunday-Monday whereas TDK dropped 43%.
  12. Its a shame since I thought BvS was good but after only 14 reviews you can't say, wait until about 40.
  13. Wow this is close but I think kong can make over 174M