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  1. But with OS takes it will be atleast profitable? Like i woudnt survive a film like Apes beeing a flop.
  2. At this point i actually think he knew it was gonna flop and needed something like Dunkirk to give him a reason to defend himself and the movie. Besson seems to hate american cinema judging by his interviews and statements in the last weeks. Its kinda sad.
  3. Everyone is allowed to state their opinion. But its annoying if one states it as a FACT. Im totally ok with anyone who says that, in his/her opinion Moonlight deserved its win/didnt deserve it. Just stating, without reasoning, that it didnt deserve it, practically declaring their opinion to be more important than others, isnt ok. This post isnt directed at a specific poster. Its just an observation from me on various movie forums. I made this mistake as well and still make it sometimes, but i try to avoid it.
  4. I think so. Valerian had the biggest screen (690 seats) at my theater last weekend and Dunkirk will occupie that. The smaller auditoriums for Valerian sold next to nothing, its a film that only works on a really big screen.
  5. Could WB beat Disney DOM this year? BV still has Thor 3, Coco and SW8. Lets say Thor does 250M, Coco does 250M and SW does 500M in this calender year. Dunkirk still has 150M left in it, Annabelle is good for 60M, It can do 170M imo and Justice League could do 400M. That leaves 280 to catch up. Blade Runner is a wildcard, but could do 100M. Ninjago i see decreasing from Lego Batman but stil has a shot at 100M. The rest can come from holdovers and Bastards/Geostorm. So WB has a shot i think!
  6. 01. Arrival - A masterpiece 02. La La Land - Goddamn great. 03. Hacksaw Ridge - The best war film in years 04. Hidden Figures - a good movie 05. Moonlight - a good movie Sadly havent seen the rest. Hell or High Water is one that i want to see very badly, but i have just no interest in Manchester, Fences or Lion. For me the best movie of 2016 was Deadpool (Hey, its all subjective!). But i can totally understand why a film like that will never get any Oscar love. Which is why i dont really care about them.
  7. The Fifth Element (1997)

    Fifth Element is a mixed bag for me. I really like the visuals, Bruce Willis and the story itself, but Chris Tucker ruins it. Hes the most annoying character of all time for me (and i liked him in Rush Hour). The movie gets 10 times better for me when i fast forward his parts. The International take for 1997 is very impressive though. I think its still the highest-grossing european movie of all time. Or am I mistaken?
  8. Dunkirk is selling really well at my theater, Baby Driver...not so much. Ill see both this Thursday
  9. Adams was stunning in Arrival. Every frame of her sold her character and the drama.
  10. In some cases, the Best Picture Winner is just baffling. Spotlight didnt deserved it in 2016 against Mad Max. Moonlight as a film cant compete with La La Land or Arrival. It won imo because the whole academy awards 2017 show was basically an answer to the Oscarssowhite "controversy". It helped that there were a lot of very good films/performances with black actors in 2016, but Moonlight as a film wasnt good enough to win in my opinion. There are also countless Oscar winning movies that are simply forgotten today. I mean who watches The Artist? Is Argo really the BEST movie of 2012? On the contrary, its still the choices of the oscar voters. Its their opinions. I maybe disagree with them (very often) but i can still respect it.

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