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  1. I used to watch The Rock hundreds of times. Was my favourite movie when i was 13-16. Its still a fun time though the pathos can be a little bit much. Con Air is one of the greatest comedys of all time. Face/Off is incredible stupid but also the culmination of all the 90s action tropes and that makes it great. Plus Travolta/Cage is just utterly entertaining.
  2. Add to that the re-releases of Empire and Jedi. They each earned less of course, but as a whole, the OT earned a lot of money in 1997.
  3. Domestically, no movie will top TFA in the next 10-20 years except maybe Episode 8 or 9, but their reception will be the key factor. Avatar 2,3,4,5,6, who gives shit will never even come close. WW is another conversation ofc.
  4. Tele hinted at something exciting if it would happen.
  5. Sadly it wont surpass BatB OW. I really want to know what would have happend
  6. What the hell it could eclipse TFA 530M
  7. The time has come. People actually complain about a 100M Opener. I mean i understand that some expected a higher number. But 100M Dollars are still a shitload of money. This thing is easily crossing 1 Billion. This franchise will never end.
  8. Actually i think its great the teaser showed practically nothing. I dont want to see anything important to the story before my butt sits in the theater. Thats why i will probably avoid the "real" trailers for this movie.
  9. Maybe that didnt work for you in TFA, but there are over 2 billion reasons that stand against your point The new fantastic characters in that film were enough for me to be entertained as F*ck
  10. Im sorry for everyone not liking Star Wars. Like, i simply dont understand. Fantastic Teaser. Shows nothing story-wise, a true Teaser if i ever saw one. So happy to see Carrie in the SW Universe. That will be emotional.
  11. Maybe its because i grew up with the books but i love every HP Movie. But FB was just...solid. Not great, definetly not bad. I hope they can improve with the sequels.
  12. Definetly. 4 years of painful waiting have come to an end
  13. I think so too, BUT