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  1. What's up with Alien: Covenant grosses?
  2. Did you really expect plot to make sense in Transformers movie?
  3. Marvel Studios won't produce R-rated movie. I mean R-rated Venom/Carnage movie with Tom Hardy in the lead role sounds amazing. Yeah, Sony and Rothman can frick everything up, but if they somehow manage to produce a good movie, it would be far better than another PG-13 MCU movie that feels excatly the same like all other MCU movies. There's no need in MCU connections for this kind of movie.
  4. How could mentally healthy person expect good reviews for another Transformers? They are all rotten, besides the first one, how could anybody expect this one will be different?! This franchise is critic-proof.
  5. Russia. Pirates craze continues there.
  6. No, the biggest reason it has shit WOM is bad quality and that it's a bad Prometheus sequel. Alien fans hate it, Prometheus fans hate it. That's why it dropped so hard. But it deserves to bomb. The whole movie is huge wasted potential. And some people really overestimate Prometheus hate. It wasn't universally hated, it got good reviews from both audience and critics, it didn't have terrible legs, and got wonderful setup for a sequel, which was utterly wasted.
  7. If they had made original Promethes 2, not Alien Covenant, it would have made more money. It was very dumb decision from Fox to change course.
  8. Well, Latin America is not the rest of the world.
  9. Wonder Woman won't have big overseas numbers because this character is popular only in US. She is not a Batman level of appeal.
  10. The biggest problem with Covenant marketing is that it was marketed as a horror/slasher movie. One of the reasons Prometheus made more money because it was marketed as big epic blockbuster/event movie and it attracted many non-fans, it was less front-loaded. They should've marketed Covenant as big event movie too, so it was very dumb move to market it as slasher because horror genre makes much less money than good big event movies, which have wider audience than horror genre.
  11. No, he doesn't. He lies every time he says something in interviews. If he directs next Alien after Covenant, it will be a sequel with David.
  12. Both Scott and Cameron hate AvP, so no way there's a single chance in hell they would be involved in this. And Scott also hates all Alien sequels, even Cameron's one, and doesn't consider them as canon.

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