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  1. People sometimes forget that Spider-Man is arguably the most popular superhero of them all, only possibly rivaled by Batman. And Batman had a couple of disappointing movies at the box office but then The Dark Knight reached $1Billion. The same thing can happen with SMH.
  2. We just don't know how much it cost, I have also seen figures like $120M-$130M. If it is cheaper than $150M, that is good news for the movie financially: it would only need to reach $450M WW to be successful.
  3. Or at least the first since Suicide Squad.
  4. The squares win this one.
  5. The quote I gave wasn't clear by it was upped by 50, from 150 to 200.
  6. While it is an interesting marketing strategy and may or may not help the movie at the box office, I am not sure I understand the logic there. Of course people want to watch a movie for free, but wouldn't the optimal number of sites have been calculated in advance by Warner? What do they get from this extension?
  7. How accurate is in general? Here are some of their first long-range DOM forecasts for recent movies: Power Rangers $110M (actual: $84M+) The Boss Baby $83M (actual: $140M+) Ghost in the Shell (2017) $105M (actual: $40M+)
  8. I got excited before that and for a good reason: first Arthur origin story with giant elephants.
  9. Well I don't think critics are going to like this movie, but there is no need to have a meltdown because of one bad review by some random YouTuber.
  10. He also made more money than all the Marvel pretenders (only Avengers beats SM1 and SM2 adjusted for inflation). But I believe that SMH can bring back the glory days, at the box office at least.
  11. Obviously a sequel to Unbreakable sounds great to me, but I wonder how Split will fit into this especially if the young woman comes back. Maybe Willis has to protect her?