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  1. Hello @Gokira2012 What do you think about the #'s? It seems that it won't reach your prediction.
  2. @Rth and the Beast has liked my latest post. So, $22m for BatB.. I have no idea about the island image, maybe it's related to PR's numbers.
  3. Will France be included as well? I say this because the story is set in France and there might be chance that France will follow the battle between those 3 countries..
  4. I see. Thanks for your information. I'll keep an eye on BB's performance as the movie releases.
  5. Did Boss Baby already get negative reviews? I'm afraid it will affect the BB's numbers and the movie will not overperform.
  6. Oh I forget the weaker Euro compared to 2011. Thanks for reminding me..
  7. I predict 10.7m.
  8. Let's see: DH2: $124m in Japan $117m in UK $78m in Germany $67m in France BatB has just opened in Germany, but it's very lower than DH2's German opening. It also depends the box office performance in Japan, so yeah it's too early to tell.
  9. Here are some videos from the Tokyo premiere: There are no incidents during the premiere. I think the Japanese public is enthusiastic to see Scarlett's performance.
  10. MT Update: BatB down to 65.8% Rangers up to 12.8% Kong 3.3% Logan 2.7% And we have an Indian film "Katamarayudu" at #5
  11. MT: 1. BatB 68% 2. Rangers 10.9% 3. Kong 3.4% 4. Logan 2.6% 5. Get Out 2.5%
  12. I'll be surprised if BatB doesn't reach $350m DOM. Movies whose 2nd weekend are $70m+ are all able to reach $400m+ DOM. And I predict that the 2nd weekend will be around 89-93m. Let me hope the Rangers won't affect BatB's performance..