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  1. I think casting French actors and actresses wouldn't help the movie obtain much money.
  2. Wait! So, do you think that 225m is still gross budget? If you say that, then it might be between 200m-210m net budget, but it still beats the Pacific Rim's net budget.
  3. 197 million euros budget means $225 million!! Does this mean that Valerian becomes the most expensive film by a non-Anglosphere director?
  4. Top 10 highest 3rd weekend's Friday for comic book movies: 1. Avengers 15.2m (3rd weekend: 55.64m) 2. TDK 12.7m (3rd weekend: 42.6m) 3. Spider-Man 11.83m (3rd weekend: 45m) 4. WW 10.7m (3rd weekend: ???) 5. TDKR 10.22m (3rd weekend: 35.73m) 6. Avengers: AOU 10m (3rd weekend: 38.8m) 7. IM3 9.514m (3rd weekend: 35.77m) 8. CA2 9.503m (3rd weekend: 25.58m) 9. Deadpool 8.87m (3rd weekend: 31.11m) 10. GotG Vol. 2 8.71m (3rd weekend: 34.65m) That's an impressive number by WW. Let me hope for 41-43m 3rd weekend!!
  5. DAMN!!! 68 fresh and 2 rotten and already beaten the amount of fresh reviews that Doctor Strange had after 70 reviews. Now let's see what it gets when it has reached 100 reviews.
  6. Reminder that Doctor Strange went from 62 fresh and 2 rotten reviews to 67 fresh and 5 rotten reviews. It had 90% on RT with 261 fresh and 30 rotten. http://forums.boxofficetheory.com/topic/231-doctor-strange-1142016-teaser-trailer-released-pg-155-features-an-intense-crash-sequence/?do=findComment&comment=2720885 Let's see if WW can do this!!
  7. Remember that Doctor Strange has 97 RT with 62/64 fresh reviews then drops to 93 with 67/72. I wonder what WW RT score will be till it's reached 50 reviews.
  8. Those positive reviews!!! 96% on RT with 27 fresh reviews and 1 rotten!! Are there any previous superhero movies that have an RT score of 90s after 30 reviews?
  9. Can I add Maggie Smith and Judi Dench on that list? I have no idea that Maggie Smith was nominated for the Oscars in the 60s and 70s. All I know is that she's Professor McGonagall. Judi Dench should also be included. She's TV actress in the 70s before she became a star in the Bond movies.
  10. I don't understand which critics are considered American. Are Variety, THR, The Verge, Gizmodo, EW all considered American? Or RT hasn't put those reviews to their aggregate score?

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