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  1. Oh, well that explains it. Guess I have to start back in this thread in around Mid May or so.
  2. You know they are!!! The Age of Rust Collective will prevail!
  3. Um....well then, those Transformers 5 ticket sales must look sucky, right?
  4. WE ARE THE TP MUMMIES!!!!! Mummy WILL go under 100 mil and Pipsqueak Tom will be FINISHED!!! Glorious Victory!!!
  5. Guess what time it is people?! Time to check on the Mummy advance sales! The TP Mummy Army needs as few ticket buyers for Pipsqueak Tom Mummy as possible! TP Mummy UNITE=Mummy under 100 mil!!!!
  6. no it's about how this board is RASSIISSSTTT and how an allosaurus ate your mom and traumatized you against dinosaurs for life
  7. Yeah but the gremlins make funnier jokes than Sessions does, he needs to go to a bar and crossdress and get into fights like they did
  8. but Kong is post-racial, he is a gorilla who does not care about the color of people's skin