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  1. movietickets 11:45 a.m. PT f8 22.9% bb 15.3% batb 12.2% born in china 8% smurfs 6.9%
  2. Yes, they are included. It's just film studios don't get any out of these. They are not included in their 25 percent revenue-sharing agreement. China box office growth slowed down a bit, they need to find ways to make the numbers look better.
  3. Batb WW 1.25 billion F8 WW 1.3 billion
  4. The minion franchise is the most profitable for Universal. It cost much less than FF and JW. The budgets are usually around 75m, while the other two cost more than 200m.
  5. probably slightly more than the previous one, 100m USD They have to try to understand the dialogues and interactions across a cultural barrier. And their favorite marvel character Ironman isn't in this movie.