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  1. I doubt it opens with 100 M, still should make a good OW cause is a perfect season for local movies because Puebla's Battle Day and Mother's Day that attract entire families to theatres to see local (or with local stars like this particular one that counts with Derbez and Salma Hayek) or animated movies. Also, HTBALL domestic actuals should be over 12 M, 83% of audience is Hispanic and their attendance increases progressively Fri-Sat-Sun
  2. 131 M lc (Deadline Update is about 7.6 MD estimate, 143 M lc) Next week opens the new Eugenio Derbez's movie 'How to be a Latin Lover' which should open +50 M. The last Derbez movie ; Instructions not Included was a massive hit with +600 M, so this time may hurt the Guardians
  3. It was a massive drop! The hype gone very quickly. 'Guardians 2' will be a tough challenge this weekend.
  4. MEXICAN BOX OFFICE. 21-23 APRIL WEEKEND. 'FATE OF THE FURIOUS' GOES FOR ANNUAL RECORD After two weekends of release of the eight installment in the 'Fast and Furious' franchise in Mexico, it has consolidated as another hit for Universal. However, this weekend got a big drop with $5.29 M dollars in 3,200 locations ($99 M lc) and now has amased $29.63 MD ($554.5 M lc), soon will surpass 'Beauty and the Beast' as the highest grossing movie of 2017 (in lc and dollars), with only a few movies with chances to take off that spot. Keeping number 2, 'Baby Boss' made $1.32 MD this weekend ($24.8 M lc) and after a month has an amazing cumulative of $20.5 MD ($384.4 M lc) and Deadline has reported that is the biggest movie ever for DWA. On third spot, the new release 'Going in Style' made $881 K dollars ($16.5 M lc) in 540 locations. 4. The Autopsy of Jane Doe. $609 K weekend/$609 K total 5. Smurfs: The Lost Village. $459 K weekend/$4.53 M total 6. Ozzy Rápido y Peludo (Spanish animated movie): $443 K weekend/$443 K total 7. Patriots Day. $390 K weekend/$390 K total 8. The Shack: $320 K weekend/$1.71 M total 9. 3 Idiotas: $235 K weekend/$6.48 M total 10. Beauty and the Beast*: $30.14 M total * No weekend numbers available
  5. Not yet. However, it will get good numbers from a 4-Day opening because of national holiday on Monday 1st, besides, another holiday on Friday 5th. Local analysts consider that for 3-Day opening could reach similar numbers to 'HPDH2' ($189.3 million pesos) or even like 'The Avengers' ($219.74 million pesos). In current dollars that means an opening between $10.2 and $11.8 million. But we better wait...
  6. Thanks! Now. My first "report" Fate of the Furious (Named 'Fast and Furious 8' in Mexico) opened in the first position with actuals of 17.7 million dollars. $226.5 million pesos on weekend and 327.9 million pesos with the 4-Day opening from Thursday. Opened in 4,467, so that seems the widest release of history in the country. The audience is divided, loved for many people but hated for many others so is hard to say if will keep the legs of Furious 7 (3.6 multiplier) because many factors, some in favor and some against. In favor: - With exception of universities and some high-schools all the kids and teens are out of school this entire week. Same thing with much workers who still in vacations - No big competition this weekend - I haven't seen the film but i saw many 'sold-outs' the whole weekend, that means much people still wanting to see the movie Against: - That division between audiencies that i mentioned before, so we could be talking that is being more front-loaded than expected, similar to 'Civil War' last year - On April 28th faces competition of 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2', which has amassed lot of hype in the country The second spot went to 'Baby Boss' which gross $2.04 million dollars this weekend and a total $17.89 M. In local currency; $38 M the weekend and $332 M total. Now, holds the number 3 anual behind 'Beauty and the Beast' and the astonishing 'Fast and Furious 8'. In third place are 'Smurfs: The Lost Village' with a $700 K dollars weekend and $3.4 M dollars after two weekends. 4.- 3 Idiotas (Local movie; 3 Idiots): $522 K wknd/$5.8 M total 5.- Beauty and the Beast: $377 K wknd/$29.4 M total 6.- Ghost in the Shell: $296 K wknd/$5.01 M total 7.- The Shack*: $1.13 M total 8.- Raw**: $156 K wknd/$156 K total 9.- Les Innocentes** (French movie): $91 K wknd/$91 K weekend 10.- Power Rangers: $86 K wknd/$6.12 M total *Actuals for weekend no available **Limited release
  7. Hi guys! I'm new around here. As you can see i'm from Mexico City, so i'll try to cooperate on this mexican thread, keep it fresh and give some information or just some fun facts.