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  1. First movie without Paul Walker was always going to see a dropoff. And not only because of those who went out to 7 for the curiosity factor, but because fans of the franchise put themselves in his shoes. Their audience surrogate is gone. So the franchise has less meaning to some fans. Also, when the franchises emphasizes the theme of family so heavily, the fans have an expectation that the cast exemplifies that theme offscreen. So when two of the biggest stars don't seem to be getting along and very little is being done to calm concerns, the fans who go to the franchise for the theme of family feel betrayed in some way. That would be even further proven if the beef between them was so substantial that one of them did not return for Fast 9. At the moment, he does seem to be coming back for it.
  2. There are still some foreign territories awaiting its release. Remember Australia?
  3. I enjoy Ritchie's style, too. I just don't think it's right for *every* kind of project. For a '60s era spy caper, it's perfect. For a medieval era fantasy epic, it looks ugly.
  4. What about Spencer Treat Clark? He's all grown up now. He had a recurring part on Agents of Shield as Strucker's son last season.
  5. *Further* excited. These screening remarks got you *further* excited. And since when were elephants relevant to King Arthur?
  6. There's no need to get excited either when numerous people rave about it when they got to see it for free.
  7. Presumably. Just for theater and home video information, it'll say 129 minutes. If you're watching on digital media, it'll probably say 2:08:56 as the more precise runtime.
  8. They're practically the same as one rounds up to the other by a tiny amount.
  9. TBD. We usually find out at the press junkets which for this are also TBD. Until then, most tentative embargoes are day before release.
  10. There aren't any significant international holidays during the initial international rollout for GOTG2. And statistically speaking, most movies with earlier international rollouts have gotten better reviews.
  11. Not the same situation as the international rollout and domestic rollout are beginning at the same time with King Arthur. A willingness to open in international territories earlier is essentially the same as lifting the embargo earlier in most situations in terms of critical reception.
  12. Here's the thing. The Beast believes in going after the "unbroken". Because Glass has been broken numerous times, the Beast will leave him be and go after David for being unbreakable. At least until a certain reveal is made.