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  1. It seems like a bit of people want to give this a pass because they like Michael Pena too much. I like him too, but I don't have an infallibility bias toward him.
  2. At least, unlike most Paramount movies these days, this got its MPAA rating more in advance.
  3. Not that I expect it to be as good, but did you not see the Jump Street movies? Series was action drama. Movies were action comedy.
  4. It's pretty much no different from the marketing campaigns of any other comedy opening this year. Everything so far looks pretty juvenile.
  5. If a movie looks bad to people, they probably won't see it regardless of reviews. If it looks good to them, they probably will see it regardless of reviews. If they're on the fence, they may want to look at reviews.
  6. Will this movie end up being better than Alien Covenant?
  7. Power Rangers - 34M Life - 22M CHiPs - 9M
  8. Unless CHiPs comes out swinging. Who am I kidding?
  9. Well, one's a monster movie and the other just a building on fire movie.
  10. I wouldn't say I'm overly negative on Alita so much as some are overly positive.
  11. He starts Rampage in April. It's already stacking up its cast. This one films afterward.
  12. I have more box office faith in a Dwayne Johnson led disaster flick than another whitewashed manga adaptation. I could give two shits which studio it comes from.