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  1. Yeah, this movie is one where I feel like critics need to get sticks out of their butts.
  2. Put it more action scenes and lack of logic. Like how does Ethan Hunt manage to make a mask and voice modulator of that henchman so quickly among other things? Interestingly, M:I-III follows the same plot of the first one, albeit only in the second half of the movie.
  3. I remember a complaint about the first movie being that the plot was hard to follow. Now we've seen that same plotline repeated in movies since, and not just in the spy genre.
  4. Tracking for Dark Tower was before reviews came out saying it was garbage. I supposed considering reviews for Hitman's Bodyguard are mid range, that 18M will probably be spot on.
  5. It's about quantity *and* quality of marketing. And while the quality hasn't been terrible, only a Bodyguard spoof poster and a TV spot that gives the stars' "reviews" of each other have been the only pieces of marketing that compared to the first redband trailer.
  6. It's not about competition. It's the simple fact that people don't go out to movies that they're unaware of and/or look unappealing to them. And even though @Nova and I enjoyed the movie, we concede that most of the marketing after the first redband trailer hasn't made the movie look all that interesting.
  7. I also think box office may be hindered by the marketing not selling its primary selling point well enough. Not enough marketing akin to its first redband trailer, Bodyguard spoof poster, and "review" TV spot.
  8. Reviews matter these days if it's royally panned. Just ask Baywatch of The House. That being said, like you said it's mixed right now. It's hovering around the percentage that Rough Night is at and it has the advantage over that movie of having a more reliable plotline to sell to the audience. It's a very easy movie to digest. The fact that it's not mindblowingly great will keep it from reaching Girls Trip numbers, but it should do more than the current second highest grossing comedy this year Baywatch as it's completely unpretentious and unassuming unlike that movie. And has more laughs.
  9. 60s range is where I'm expecting as well.
  10. Here's something to bring it back up. Did Lionsgate team with ScreenJunkies on this? That's definitely the voiceover for their honest trailers.
  11. I might be interested. I guested on a podcast when it was still with BO.com.
  12. What genuine stakes are there when a guy who's supposedly an everyman becomes akin to a trained killer when driven by vengeance? It's not a liberal SJW issue. It's one thing when the wronged person is already a trained killer to begin with like John Wick.
  13. Um, he's certainly drinking some kind of Kool-Aid.
  14. Your continued negativity suggests otherwise.

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